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5 Reasons Why Video Content Will Dominate Social Media


Will you rather watch a video that teaches you how to cook ofada rice, or listen to a podcast on the same topic? Chances are that you will go for the former without a second thought. With creativity on the high, we now have more platforms encouraging short videos, massaging our short attention span like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram among others.

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Video content is considered to be one of the most profitable marketing strategies, and according to Hubspot, 85% of businesses use videos to drive more engagement.

Reasons why videos are an effective marketing strategy

  1. Virality

If 1 out of every 100 blog posts will go viral, then 10 out of 100 videos will go viral. Videos are easy to watch, engaging all of your senses, and enabling you to grasp the information faster and easier. And it goes beyond that. Videos are not just easy to engage in, they are easily shareable. This is one of the contributing factors to how viral a video can get in a short period. For a brand, you can drive awareness, entertain, promote your services and products in a 30 seconds video, and be assured that the rest will take care of itself.

  1. High Conversion Rate

Videos create memories. You are most likely going to purchase something you have seen, than what you have heard about. Videos create memories that linger long after the marketer has left the room. Videos are also an important way to make prospects linger more on your page and sites. And the more they see, the more persuaded they will become.

  1. Builds Trust

Videos evoke emotions, one of which is trust. Sales and marketing are predicated upon trust and loyalty. If you can get a prospect to believe that you will deliver over and beyond their expectations, they are most likely to want to do business with you. Videos allow you to tell a brand story, reveal your processes and show people how far you have come. It is a great way to build a relationship with your audience, and for them to know you better. Authenticity is important in building a brand, and no better way than to show it in a video.

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  1. The Algorithm Is On Your Side

It has been established that the more videos you have, the more prospects will stay on your site, and this is just what the algorithms want. No matter the social media platform, or even Google, you will realize that once your page or site becomes highly visited and searched, you will be shown to so much more people. It proves that your content is being enjoyed and the saying, “when you do justice with little, more is added to you”, becomes very much applicable. Your services and products become seen by a greater audience.

  1. Enjoy Benefits Of Livestreaming

Livestreaming has come to stay. Everyone loves a reality show. And live streaming was made in the image and likeness of reality. Livestreaming has changed how brands interact with their audience as they now have the opportunity to know real-time events and follow occurrences that are peculiar to your brand. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted live streaming tremendously, as many people will rather stay cozy in the comfort of their homes, than face risks posed by the pandemic. This puts live streaming at a great advantage. With live streaming, you can be positioned as a brand expert, resource person and facilitator in your niche. What’s more? Livestream content on almost all platforms can be repurposed as video content for your brand and ads.

Video content has come to stay, and the possibilities it brings are still being explored. Creating videos for marketing can be likened to low risk and high reward system. It guarantees maximum returns, both for you and your brand.

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