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Wellness: 4 Tips To Help You Fall Asleep Fast 


Most people require at least 7 hours of sleep to feel well-rested and productive during the day. If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’re one of those people.

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Being unable to fall asleep even when you try is a frustrating experience. Not only does it affect you physically, but it can also affect your mental state.

Here are 4 simple ways to fall asleep as fast as possible.

Try Staying Awake Instead 

This is a form of paradoxical intention where you tell yourself to stay awake instead of trying to fall asleep. This is because trying to sleep can increase anxiety about not sleeping, which will, in turn, prevent you from falling asleep.

Studies have shown that people who practised paradoxical intention found it easier to fall asleep than those who didn’t. This is a method you may want to try first before trying other methods on this list.

Experience Both Daylight And Darkness

Light and darkness are two factors that influence your body’s internal clock – the clock that tells your body when to sleep and when to be awake. Exposure to light during the day causes it to stay awake. This could be light from the sun or artificial light from screens. On the other hand, darkness makes it easy to sleep at night. Research shows that darkness boosts melatonin production, an essential hormone for sleep.

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Practice Meditation

Stress is a common cause of insomnia. If you feel stress is the culprit behind your inability to sleep, you can practice relaxation activities such as meditation, yoga, or mindfulness. Research has shown these three activities to be effective in helping people fall asleep. These activities boost focus and reduce anxiety, allowing the brain to be in a state that facilitates sleep.

Exercise During The Day 

For a long time, physical exercise has been proven to be beneficial for sleep. Not only does it increase the duration of sleep, but it also improves sleep quality. It is important to never go overboard with exercise but instead maintain it at moderate intensity.

The timing of your exercise also matters – it’s always better to work out early morning than later in the day. Exercise too late in the day can make it hard to fall asleep.

Read A Book 

Reading books helps to calm the mind and prevent feelings of stress and anxiety that can interfere with sleep. However, books that are overly emotionally stimulating increase the chances of experiencing insomnia. Also, avoid reading ebooks from device screens, as the blue light emitted by these screens can interfere with sleep.

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