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Nigerians are no strangers to superstition; we have tons of them, as do our other African relatives. However, few are aware that the “white wedding” many have come to cherish even more than our own traditional weddings, comes with its own superstitions as well. Here are a few you may never have heard of, from the weird and funny, to the harsh and downright sinister:
  • A woman should avoid marrying in the church where she was christened.
  • The veil is not just a finishing touch for the wedding outfit. It’s a custom inherited from the Romans and the Greeks; it wards off evil spirits who are jealous of her happiness.
  • Sisters should not marry on the same day, or even in the same year. If they do, they are said to be volunteering for unhappy marriages.
  • Rain at a wedding predicts that it will be a sad marriage, while a strong wind means that the marriage will be a turbulent one.
  • The bride on whom the sun shines is a lucky bride, and the presence of a rainbow in the sky means even more luck for her.
  • If the ring falls from the groom’s hand during the ceremony, it’s a bad omen; he will die before his wife. If it’s the bride who drops it, she will die first.
  • If a bride cries during the wedding ceremony, it signifies good luck, but if she cries at any other time on her wedding day, it’s bad luck.
  • The presence of a widow at a wedding means bad luck, so widows should not be invited.
  • Babies are not always welcomed at weddings, but it is a good sign if the ceremony is briefly interrupted by a crying child.
  • By keeping a portion of her wedding cake, a bride can ensure that her husband remains forever faithful.
  • If a single girl places a piece of wedding cake under her pillow, she will dream of her future husband.
  • Having a matron of honor will bring better luck for a bride than having a bridesmaid, as the matron of honor represents stability in marriage.
  • If the wedding car breaks down on the way to the church, it bodes ill luck for everyone involved or connected to the wedding.
  • A bride who sees a nun or a monk on the way to her wedding is said to be cursed with a barren womb.
  • Unless the bride cuts the first slice of the wedding cake, the happy couple is likely to be childless.
  • A bridesmaid who stumbles on the way to the altar will never become a bride.
  • As a guest at a wedding, you should never refuse a piece of wedding cake. Doing so means bad luck for you, and for the couple also.
  • Giving a set of knives to a couple as a wedding gift brings bad luck to their marriage.
  • If you’re a bridesmaid three times, you’re doomed to spinsterhood. To break this jinx, continue and be a bridesmaid seven times.
  • Even if a bride bakes fantastic cakes, she should not make her own wedding cake; doing so commits her to working hard for the rest of her life.
Interesting, right?

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This article was first published on 21st June 2018


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