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Rats! Those pesky little furry things that somehow manage to find their way to your house and leave telltale signs of their presence with their droppings. They  carry over twenty types of diseases. Use these home remedies to ensure your home is rat free.


Pepper has a strong pungent smell which makes it difficult for rats to breath; it causes their lungs to inflate and constitutes a threat to their survival. Simply sprinkling some crushed pepper around the corners of your home or and the holes they wiggle in through will yield positive results. Repeat the process if necessary.

Bay Leaf

Rats think of bay leaf as their food and will most likely  eat it. But, they actually will choke on it, and die eventually . Put some bay leaves in the rat-prone area. Keep repeating the process until all of them are gone.


It is another food you can use in killing rats. It is a very effective remedy to get rid of rats naturally. Rats detest the smell of onions. Just slice an onion and keep it inside or near their holes.

Human Hair

Some folks are of the view that rats cannot stand the sight of human hair. The reason being that rats usually tend to swallow the hair and choke.

Cow dung

Cow dungs are another natural method of killing rodents, try using dry cow dung. When eaten by the rodents, it will inflame their tiny stomachs making them vomit and die.


Sounds are  hurtful to rats and makes their ears bleed. Sharp sound waves from a sound box can kill rats naturally.

Baby Powder

Sprinkling baby powder will intoxicate the rat, killing it. However, this is one of the least efficient means of killing rats.

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This article was first published on 23rd April 2018


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