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Everyone at some point in their lives has experienced financial anxiety which means you are not alone in this. This is an excessive feeling of worry, fear, or unease about your finances, caused by a variety of different reasons, ranging from lack of funds to loss of job, rehashing past financial mistakes, and other piled-up financial responsibilities.

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Financial anxiety goes beyond mere worry about having enough money in your bank account; it goes as far as manifesting anxiety disorder symptoms such as tension, fear, uneasiness, worried thoughts, and irritability.

The most common reaction to financial anxiety is avoiding and evading the issue, however, avoiding your finances instead of dealing with these issues can cause them to worsen, which in turn causes further anxiety disorder, which might result in seeking medical assistance.

Steps to Coping with Financial Anxiety

  • Figure out your Anxiety Trigger

The first step to coping or dealing with financial anxiety is by identifying what financial tasks or responsibilities triggers your anxiety. Identifying what causes anxiety is often the first step in managing it and reduces the intense feeling of anxiety that you feel.

Make a list of all your financial tasks and responsibilities, no matter how meager they seem. That way, you can clearly identify the task that triggers financial anxiety.

Make a plan

Now you have identified your anxiety trigger, it is time to set up a plan to lessen your financial anxiety and ensure that you stick to a financial plan to prevent further reoccurrence.

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Identify what you are worried about and lay out a plan, track your expenses, and try to figure out where you can save money. Cut out unnecessary expenses, and create a budget plan that specifies the exact amount of money you spend each month.

Stick to a Budget

One of the causes of financial anxiety is improper management of finances; hence, one of the ways to tackle financial anxiety is by properly managing your finances. You can achieve this by sticking to a budget, and figure out where your money comes from and where it goes. Stick to a budget and keep track of every change in income or spending. That way you can reevaluate your finances and make necessary changes.

Increase your Level of Financial Literacy

One of the dangers you can bring upon yourself is trying to avoid your financial issues and remaining stagnant in your level of financial knowledge. When you face financial anxiety, it is a clear sign that you need to increase your level of financial knowledge. Financial literacy is one of the easiest ways to end financial anxiety because it fills your brain with money management information needed to stay clear from certain financial crisis

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You can achieve this by simply reading finance articles, signing up for finance classes and seminars, or learning a few finance terms each day

Seek professional help.

Sometimes, financial anxiety gets worse to the point that you begin to display certain symptoms of anxiety disorder, and then you should ensure you seek professional assistance.

The above tips can go a long way to help you deal with financial anxiety; however, critical situations require critical measures. Therefore, when financial anxiety is ongoing and regularly affects your ability to take care of yourself, get work done, and interact with others, then you should seek a health care professional to help you determine the severity of your anxiety and offer solutions to help you manage it.

In conclusion, asides from these listed tips, you can come up with personal strategies that help you feel less anxious, it could be taking yoga lessons, spending time with loved ones, going on a walk, or reading a book.

However, most importantly, when none of these works and your financial anxiety is interfering with your daily life, seek help from either a mental health clinician or financial planner.

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This article was first published on 13th June 2022


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