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Build a Digital Model for your Business & Not Physical Models, & Spread Through Franchise/Distributors into Other Countries With a big brand stature ONLINE, small businesses can sell through other people’s property (OPP) in foreign countries More people will buy into your franchise if you build a very strong brand ONLINE Digital model increases the reach of any business, with the use of search media, paid media, own media & earn media. And it drastically reduces your cost and multiplies your opportunity for growth Just as Facebook, Google, etc are not registered as a company in many countries, but are making whooping billions out of them, you can offer value in many nations and increase your forex value & revenue opportunities. Digital distinguishes between “the haves” & “the have-mores” Plan to attend: Date: 24th November 2022 Time: 10 am Venue: online Fee: N10K ($10) Inquiries +2348130589360 Featured Image Source: Strumdigi
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This article was first published on 8th November 2022

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