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Many business ideas can be started from the comfort of your home, with minimal upfront investment. All you need do is be provided with the right information and motivation to kickstart, and you will stay well on track.

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Personalized gifts: This makes all the difference from random store gifts. It reveals thoughtfulness and you can easily put whatever price tag you want, as efforts would be more concentrated on the value of the gift, as opposed to the price.

How to create: You can insert a custom engraving or note with the person’s name, and this simply makes the gift more endearing and valuable.

Candles: The era of scented candles are here to stay. They are the items no one thinks a lot about before adding to the cart.

How to create: You can simply get a wide variety of DIY tutorials on the internet. The basic melt and pour methods require little or no prior skill to work on.

Jewelry: Jewelry never goes extinct. With its rise in popularity, so the rise of crafty wholesalers emerge. You can either learn to make or repurpose jewelry or collaborate with one.

How to create: Figure out your target audience and know what kind of jewelry is in demand. Jewelry making can either be as simple or as complex as the kind of jewelry you are seeking to make.

Cakes: Cakes are a win any and every time, and this is the season where they will be in high demand. Tap into the niche market; holidays, celebrations, novelty, catering and gift baskets and you have a targeted product.

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How to start: The internet makes everything easier. The best part with cakes is that you can improvise all the way whenever you do not have all of the ingredients required, and still come out with an outstanding result.

Pet supplies and accessories: Pets, as well as its supplies and accessories are almost always a win. The global pet market is $269 billion by 2025 according to a George Mason University case study. With more people becoming pet owners, even in Nigeria, you can tackle this ever growing market.

How to start: Do your research, triple check the ingredients and materials, and you can create some pet supplies from the comfort of your home. You can even decide to groom a home pet and put it up for sale in few weeks or months.

Printed merchandise: If you do not feel like creating anything new, you can simply invest in printed merchandise. Print on demand helps you customize t-shirts, water bottles, mugs, home furnishing etc., and you can do this through partnerships without owning a printing machine.

How to start: It is one of the easiest things to make and sell. All you will need is some basic graphic design and digital skills, alongside creative ideas, and you are on track.

Soap: Soaps have always been a popular handmade product and it sells fast. Soaps can either be

for bath, or laundry and you can as well master all kinds.

How to start: Do your due diligence to ensure the soap ingredients you are about to use is good for the skin. Also, due to the standards set by the government, ensure your place of production meets up with the health standards.

Which of these would be your best bet to increasing your income? The good part is you do not have to stick to only one. You can diversify as soon as you gain stability in any one of them.

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This article was first published on 27th January 2022


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