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Medsaf Nigeria #Endsars Emergency Hospital Support

Medsaf is a pharmaceutical technology platform facilitating and financing the movement of medications using technology and data analytics.

If you are not aware there has been quite a bit of unrest in Nigeria. I believe it is a secondary response to Covid-19 epidemic that has disrupted the entire world. SARS or now SWAT is a branch of the Nigerian police that has a history of killing, kidnapping and robbing ordinary citizens. The last couple of weeks proved too much for many Nigerians as unified protests broke out across Nigeria. Last week on October 20th, 2020 the army shot live rounds in a sea of peaceful protestors as they were singing the national anthem.

The experience of watching it unfold live on Instagram was soul-crushing and we pray for all those that were injured and died last week. The city of Lagos immediately went into lockdown and military occupation as vigilante groups wreaked havoc across the city, destroying businesses, buildings and killing adversaries. Once I got out of the shock of it all, I knew first hand that hospitals and pharmacies in Nigeria would be overwhelmed dealing with the aftermath. They are underfunded and undersupported even after Covid-19. We’ve done our best to help.

We started Medsaf because we believe that access to quality and affordable medications is a fundamental human right. Medsaf was one of the first pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria to use technology to reduce the friction of purchasing and managing medications. This year, we have worked with over 160 hospitals and pharmacies on a bi-monthly recurring basis. We were hands-on during Covid-19 as hospitals across the country reached out for support. Our investment in database, analytics, technology, processes, and relationships helped us serve the country without leaving our living rooms.

On October 21st Vedic Hospital lent us their ambulance in between transporting gunshot victims. Maya Famodu of Ingressive brought helping hands and another ambulance. I personally donated crucial surgical medications and consumables to Healing Stripes, Vedic, Lagoon, Reddington, and Lifeline. These were some of the many hospitals that were taking care of #EndSars victims. It was dangerous.

There were mobs of people roaming the streets and we saw the army shooting at people. At one point I had a standoff with the army, guns drawn, as they refused to let me go home at a checkpoint. They suggested that I walk the 1 mile by myself putting my life in danger. Ambulances were robbed, pharmacies were looted and even hospitals were attacked at gunpoint last week. I can only imagine what it was like for all the healthcare workers who had to be at the hospital otherwise people would die. It’s always the healthcare system that is left to pick up the pieces.

We are suppressing our trauma for now and just keeping the momentum going. Medsaf never closed even as most of the other manufacturers and medication suppliers, and logistic companies closed their doors last week.

We have set up a fundraising campaign to support the hospitals even more. We want to give back to the hospitals that took care of patients pro-bono. We also want to subsidize the hospital fees of the victims and help the hospitals that suffered from damage and looting.

Pictures and videos of our emergency deliveries: Link to Google Drive

Below is information on how you can get involved. Thank you to those that have already donated! You are amazing, God bless you!

We have raised $4,000 so far with a fundraising goal of $20,000. This money will be divided amongst the verified hospitals that served the #EndSARS victims.

Ways To Donate:

Account Name: Disrupt Pharma Tech

Bank | Number: GTBank 0232909459

Thank you so much and send me an email if you want to learn more about Medsaf.

Vivian Nwakah 
CEO Medsaf

Featured Image Source: Medsaf

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