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When it comes to what to wear with body-fitting trousers, they are hardly a fashion challenge. But since palazzos are wide legged trousers which flow freely down from the waist, they may be quite tricky to pair. Most people solve this puzzle by wearing tops that define the waistline. However, palazzos can go with most top types.

From the most common combinations to the least likely ones, here is a list of tops and accessories that go well with palazzo trousers.

Go casual

Crop tops, tank tops and body fitting t-shirts hardly go wrong with palazzos. Since the trousers are free, these tops complement your dressing by defining from shoulders to waist. Off shoulders also complement full-length trousers by revealing some flesh above. Besides, if you are not so certain about wearing a free T-shirt, you can knot it at the base.

Depending on your combination, add one or more of these accessories: sandals, slippers, flat shoes, or wedges, shades, a scarf, a jacket, a hat, and/or matching jewellery.

For a formal look

Match a pair of palazzos with a classy tucked-in button shirt. Chiffon tops with collars are a good way to start. These loose trousers also go well with a formal jacket over a tucked-in thin sleeve top.

Accessories to go with are formal shoes, a belt, and/or matching jewelry.

A note on three-quarter length palazzos

While a full-length palazzo creates a flow which captures the eyes of viewers from waist to feet, there seems to be a break in this flow with its three-quarter counterparts. Complement this graceful rhythm by putting on befitting pair of footwear to match your entire outfit.

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This article was first published on 22nd May 2019


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