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The peak of the rainy season is here again and to be sincere, rubber slippers do not suffice to shield our feet and legs from puddles and floods. In areas especially prone to flooding, it is common to find people wading through murky waters, above their ankles! These waters are breeding grounds for potential parasites, not to mention harmful objects which may be hidden in them. Yet, seasons come and seasons go and rain boots are not a fashion item in Nigeria.

Seasons greatly influence fashion lifestyles, that’s the reason most fashion shows display pieces to suit autumn-winter and summer-spring collections. During the rains, we avoid putting on brightly colored trousers and keep leather at bay. Nevertheless, if we could care enough for our wears, what more about our skin?

Rubber Boots To The Rescue!

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Unless you’re lucky enough to have fashionable rubber boots which are hard to come by in shops, rain boots will be awkward to wear and cumbersome to carry about. However, it will be worth the stress if you must leave to work on a rainy day. Already, carrying two bags to work (one for work-related items and another for an alternative pair of footwear, an umbrella or a lunch pack) is not strange for the 9 to 5 worker. If your daily routine involves this activity, getting a separate bag for your boots would be the ideal thing to avoid feeling out of place when there’s no need to have them on.

Furthermore, another tip for slaying the rains in rubber boots includes getting the right size in both height and length. Rain boots are available as ankle boots, which stop a few inches above the ankles, and full boots which stop just below the knees. They also come in various sizes, so get the right ones; if they are too small, your feet would hurt and if they are too big, you could slip. In addition, rubber boots do not breathe like normal footwear and thus your feet would get sweaty after you’ve been in them for a while. To cushion this effect, wear socks and/or place a pair of shoe pads in them before wearing.

Remember, it is more important that we develop a mindset that places a priority on our health. Use a pair of rain boots this season, if you must.

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This article was first published on 24th June 2019


Nnenna is an editor and writer at Connect Nigeria. She loves fine art, books and places.

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2 thoughts on “Rain Boots: Functional Fashion to Meet the Season’s Need”

  • Where can we find boots to buy in Nigeria?

    • In the market. I got a pair of rubber rain boots on Wednesday. Not fashionable, but really functional.

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