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Using a taxi requires some level of consciousness, especially when you need to move around at night during this end of year season.  It’s “Safety first!” With accidents and kidnappings on the road being on the uprise lately, this motto is something you and your loved ones should certainly live by. That’s why Nigeria’s foremost taxi app company, Easy Taxi Nigeria, brings you five things to look out for when commuting- taxis especially at night. 1. Bags and valuables are not meant for taxi seats: Requesting to keep bags and valuables in the trunk gives you the opportunity to assess the boot as much as it saves you from property theft commonly encountered along the rough paths of our congested roads and streets. I heard about a young man who took a taxi to the airport with his bags inside the car, only to discover a severed human head in the trunk – at a security checkpoint. Who knows? He could have been picked up for his own head as well. Only ask: “Do you mind if I have my backpack in the boot?” and I bet you will get a warm response. I advise you keep gemstones and jewelries in your bag and wear them at your destination, else risk horrible laceration as a result of hoodlums forcefully dragging them off, if you had not rolled up your window. 2. Record the vehicle plate number: We know you were headed for Badagry in a yellow 2008 Toyota Corolla, but in the news a motor vehicle of the same type, skidded over a bridge along Mile 2. How do your relations and friends back home know you were not in it? This and many other questions point to the need to always take note of plate numbers, or even check if the vehicle has one at all. You can send it to primary contacts back home immediately. It can even help track lost items you forget anything in the cab from the taxi park association. A better option is a screenshot of the driver’s details that shows his picture, plate number and type of car. If you booked your ride over a taxi-hailing mobile application like Easy Taxi, you get these sent to you with your service. 3. Use seat belts ALWAYS! Use rear or front seat belts to keep you guarded in case of collisions (side, rear-end or head-on). Driving at night is most drivers’ nightmare and it is far worse if your driver gets blinded by the light coming from an approaching motor vehicle. So it will be wise to let the belt do its job anytime especially at night. 4. Always let family and friend know your destination: Once you arrive at your destination, give your loved ones a call and let them know you are safe. Give a clear description of your destination, location, contact address and name of your host(s). Let your host(s) know people are aware you are with them. 5.  Stay Alert. Be convinced your driver is not sleeping on the wheel (especially if it’s a long trip): You may not be the one behind the wheel, but you owe it to yourself to be fully aware of your surroundings and also check that your driver is not sleeping in motion. If not, you may need several decibels to scream at that driver to “avoid a broken-down truck” ahead, if his or her mind has drifted. This has cost many lives in the past already.   With all these in mind, we wish you a safe trip!   About the writer: Easy Taxi Nigeria is Nigeria’s foremost taxi app company. Users can book a taxi anytime and anywhere, straight from their mobile devices. The application is available for download on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices.      

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This article was first published on 23rd November 2015

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