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  Nigerian engineer, Yusuf Bilesanmi, who alongside his engineering team at the University of Loughborough created a low-cost ventilator for coronavirus patients, have emerged as one of the top contenders for this year’s (2021) Africa Prize for Engineering Innovations which is usually awarded by London’s Royal Academy of Engineering.
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The award recognises African innovators who are transforming their communities and also supports their businesses in order to boost their growth. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic which swept through every part of the globe, Bilesanmi sought ways to make treatment for the virus cheap and easily accessible. His low-cost, non-electric, and non-invasive ventilator is capable of saving lives.
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Its design is effortless and can be easily operated by non-specialist healthcare workers in remote areas of the globe, including certain parts of Africa which Nigeria accounts for as the country with the highest population. The Nigerian has revealed that the high demand for oxygen throughout the globe is a major factor behind the invention of the ventilator that could bag him the engineering prize.
‘There is a significant demand for oxygen supply globally. When you have a system that requires less oxygen, it makes it much more efficient for hospitals to run. For example, in Lagos, there is a demand of 15lpm of oxygen and that requires about 300 cylinders on a daily base. With our systems, we can go as low as 5lpm.’ Yusuf Bilesanmi
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This article was first published on 20th February 2021


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