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  Instagram reels are vertical videos on Instagram of short duration, (15 seconds to 60 seconds), this allows for the display of creativity of Instagram content creators. 
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How effective have Instagram reels been?

Over time, Instagram reels have really been effective in driving sales, engagement, traffic, etc  one unique thing about Instagram reels is, the amazing feature that makes it visible not only to your followers but to Instagram users generally, this has contributed to the effectiveness of Instagram reels in getting people to take an action  Moreover, Instagram reels bring in more results if you understand how it works, below are things you should know about Instagram reels and tips that’ll help.
  1. Have a niche

It’s not exactly right to be everywhere creating content about everything, niche down into a subject, create content around that subject consistently and be known for it. 
  1. Make use of trends well

As a content creator on Instagram utilising reels, you should be active, creative and reasonable in jumping on trends. Actively in the sense of being quick on creating content on the trend while it’s still a trend, creative in the sense of not doing the same thing other creators have done, reasonable in the sense of being logical and knowing what trend to should jump on and how to go about It, in order to avoid tainting your brand 
  1. Be consistent

As said, consistency is key, consistency yields premium results, consistency doesn’t necessarily mean creating and posting reels every day, it’s just having a regular pattern you follow consistently. 
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Here are two practical tips that would help your consistency; firstly, select two or three days of the week to upload reels, secondly, don’t be bent on creating your reel a day before your selected day, you can create reels for the next three weeks in a day, this simply means that you should make use of your leisure and free time to create as many reels as you can and have them in your archives, this would help you to still keep showing up even when you get extremely busy and when the unexpected comes up. (this doesn’t apply to trends) 
  1. Ensure the quality of your videos is in check 

Don’t put up dull videos as Instagram reels, ensure it’s shot in a well-lighted area with a good camera and with a background that isn’t distracting (plain backgrounds are the best option) 
  1. Ensure you don’t upload videos with watermarks

Just in case you use TikTok or other apps and platforms to create your video, uploading it as a reel on Instagram with the watermark affects its reach. There are applications and sites that can help eliminate the watermark.  In conclusion, as a content creator on Instagram, you learn during the process, as concerning reels, as you keep showing up consistently you keep learning new things and getting to know what works best.  Featured Image Source: AliDropShip
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This article was first published on 23rd May 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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