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Thanks to modern civilisation, blood transfusions have become a regular medical practice that saves thousands of lives, which would have been lost if there were no access to safe blood. Every day, blood donations go a long way in supporting patients with life-threatening conditions and making sure they live longer. Safe blood is vital for a wide range of medical and surgical procedures, as well as emergencies of all kinds (natural disasters, accidents, armed conflicts, etc.)

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Yet a large percentage of the world population, especially in developing countries, does not have access to safe blood. Globally, many high-income countries can source blood through voluntary, blood donations. But they still face the problem of finding volunteers and accessing safe blood. In developing countries, donations are low and there is a scarcity of equipment to test for safe blood.

This is why the World Health Assembly in 2005 designated a special day to appreciate blood donors, and raise awareness about the importance of donating blood. World Blood Donor Day holds every year on June 14. 

Who Can Donate Blood?

Anyone who is healthy and up to 18 is allowed to donate blood. The person must not have diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B, and C, etc. Also, the person must have a sufficient amount of iron in his or her body. The amount of iron that your body needs depends to a large extent on many factors, including how often you donate blood. 

How to participate 

Donate Blood

As long as you meet the requirements for donating blood, you only need to spare an hour of your day to take part in the event. Once you arrive at the venue of donation, you will undergo a medical evaluation to ensure you are in the right state of health to donate blood. 

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The actual blood donation process lasts for about 10 minutes – typically, they extract about one pint of blood per person. Once your blood is collected, you will be served with some refreshments to invigorate you and make sure you’re ready to go about your

Raise Awareness 

This is a great way to participate, especially if you can’t donate blood or are held back due to time restraint. All you have to do is spread the word by telling your friends, family, colleagues, and social media followers about the importance of World Blood Donor Day. Through word-of-mouth, you can inspire people to start donating blood by showing how easy the process is. 

Locate An Event Near You

Do a quick search on Google to determine whether there are any special events in your area, such as rallies or pop-up donation sites, to celebrate World Blood Donor Day. Such events are often held by hospitals, health centres, and volunteers around the country on June 14th, as a way of celebrating Word Blood Donor Day. 


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This article was first published on 14th June 2020


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