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Workplace Romance is when two people in an organization have feelings, maybe as simple as likeness towards each other. These feelings are usually private and mutual.  Oh, “heavens forbid” you say, but how then do you describe that feeling you have towards that young suited fine bobo whom you adjust and check if your hair is in place or your button has not come out undone, using your tiny powdered case mirror or the side mirror of the vehicle parked for days, baptized by dust begging for a droplet of water. It is usually classified as ‘crush’ as if that makes it lighter and without any consequences.  I remember back while I was teaching, one afro haired young man with pairs of faded jeans and rolled up sleeves shirts, would always pretend to have missed his class as he circled back and forth to see me, whenever I was teaching. His actions soon became obvious to our colleagues, that he was the object of “taunts” and silly crafted jokes. Many organizations are confused when it comes to workplace romance. They forget to state boundaries about the level of personal interactions as a result do not put policies in place to the issue. Many people in an organization due to close proximity and ease of opportunities would rather be involved in a workplace romance. Cheaper by the closeness right, you get involved with each other due to the time you spend together. A zoo of human beings with diverse individuality, opinions and secreting pheromones would surely be attracted to each other, whether anyone agrees or not. It is highly advantageous because workplace romance would allow the workers to increase the working span. As they develop the intimate relationship within the work cycle would also help boost relationship between the offices. The romance would help increase productivity and the net profit of the organization, as you are ready to work when you are sure of receiving a cuddle while working, who don’t want a luxury of care even at the office. Workplace romance is flirting with trouble, “trouble dey sleep, yanga dey smile”. When trouble finally decides to visit you, you would be left to face the music all by yourself. When the romance dies, well, you discover you become sworn enemies with your former “crush”. When this crush crushes every available emotion, that moment you start hatching plots for revenge rather than developing business development plans. In short, you are filled with rage as you run each time your phone rings with your bestie calling you to inform you of your “ex” current candy, or at the doorway each time you sight him with his new flame at every business dinner. Imagine, just because of a fling went wrong, the organization would be placed between the duke and deep blue sea, having to choose sides between both parties, it would obviously translate to bad business. Human relations personnel may find themselves, mediating between workers who can no longer work collaboratively with each other or the problem of firing efficient employees. Additionally, workplace romance never stays between two people. Your boss would surely be involved, when you hear things like “how is your bobo”, don’t be surprised. I remember while at the university, a lecturer who had access to current class gossip, he knew things we had thought were done in secret, things like “who is hooking up with who, who broke up with who, all the juicy goings”.  Same with your boss, moments when you have a workplace romance, it suddenly appears as if your forehead is a white marker board, your emotions are no longer a smokescreen, rather you would be in the eye of everyone, your colleagues and clients included. The “amebos” now make it a hobby to be tune into your love life and you become every body’s business. In addition, badly ended romance may affect your performance negatively especially when you discover that you are slacking on your job, the excitement and anxiousness you feel at work trigger off and suddenly your work engagement’ switch button starts to fluctuate like a crafted forgotten pendulum whose hand had forgotten how to function effectively. Moreover, there is usually a feeling among your colleagues that you can’t be fair or objective in making a decision. It may eventually lead to switching jobs as a result of the awkwardness that suddenly develops. Just so you are aware, working with someone does not translate to knowing the person. Well, if you are still very much interested, take your chances, the odds of finding true love is relatively high. Think it through, be sure it is not a fling, spend a little extra time than you would have in normal relationships in considering the future.

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This article was first published on 14th December 2017


Adepeju Adenuga is a writer (considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense). She holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English from the University of Lagos.

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