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Holidays are here again and parents are running around like headless chickens looking for where to dump their children while they continue their life uninterrupted. But our holidaying children are not nuisances to be shipped off to just any convenient camp or group gathering so we can have peace while they are on holidays. There are “alchemists” on the prowl mixing abusive mind bending substances and seeking children to prey on. They abound at Summer camps, summer parties, the malls, sleep overs at their friend’s houses, even grandma’s house with that aboki by the gate or big cousin who’s just come home on holiday from the university. They can even be in our homes when our children invite their friends and we invite relatives whose character we are unsure of, to come holiday in our homes. A child who has very high highs and very low lows is very suspicious. So is a child who is always wearing sunglasses even inside the house. That Tom-Tom, Baba-Blu sucking, heavy perfume wearing child might be trying to mask something from you. Do your subtle investigations and when in doubt get a second opinion or seek help. Better to err on the side of caution. While you’re enjoying your “peace” by cargoing your child to whoever wherever, someone out there is initiating your innocent child into the drug world via cocktails of over-the-counter drugs mixed to become surprisingly lethal, and other mind bending concoctions such as weedomie( indomie +weed), veg soup + weed, laced sodas etc. And that’s how sextapes and nude pictures of an otherwise well brought-up child comes about. Just when we thought sexual abuse is the worst thing that can happen to our child, now this. We need to be prayerful, selective and very careful in our choices this holiday ’cause it’s really dire out there. Parents stay alert. Keep your children within your surveillance range this holiday. Peace that breaks you in pieces in future is no peace. Happy holidays to our precious jewels. Better for them to eat, drink, be merry, exhaust our PHCN cards, watch TV from morning till next morning, have late baths, break things in the house, than to fall into the hands of servants of satan. Stay safe! Source: Unknown Copied from a Whatsapp broadcast.

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This article was first published on 24th July 2017

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