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  Starting and managing a business in Nigeria could prove to be very hard, especially with the harsh economic realities of the country which brings about uncertainty in projections. Although starting a business in Nigeria is difficult, meaningful tips from established business owners could go a long way. Omiete Charles-Davies is one such person. He dishes out tips for startups and existing businesses to thrive in Nigeria.
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Through his social media page (Instagram: @charlesindavies), the successful businessman shares ideas on how to run businesses successfully in a challenging economic climate like Nigeria. Some of his best topics include “You Are Not Your Business,” and “Don’t Build Your Company Around Individuals.” His over 12,000 followers gain meaningful tips and apply them to their businesses. Omiete Charles-Davies and his wife, Abimbola Charles-Davies, co-founded one of the biggest cake delivery ventures in Nigeria, Fastest Cakes. The company was founded with the vision of “delivering excellent and affordable cakes very fast.” The cake logistics company has it a priority to ensure that customers who order cakes for their events get them delivered “fast and unscathed.” So far, the company has successfully “produced and delivered over 161,156 cakes in good condition” to its customers. The company started with only one store and has successfully launched in eight locations, four cities, and two countries (Nigeria and Kenya).
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During the launch of the business branch in Kenya in January 2024, Omiete recalled the journey towards success:
“This time last year, we had a big dream, to take an idea that started in our sitting room to more locations outside Lagos, Nigeria,”
he said during the Kenya launch.
“Fast forward to today, we are grateful to have commissioned centres in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and now, Nairobi. “It’s been a truly challenging journey; opening in multiple cities in such a short time requires you to have powerful systems, good management, and lots of travelling.” An interesting part of his success story is that he has had “zero institutional funding to date, and as such, it’s required financial sacrifice, delayed gratification, lots of grace, and pure hard work.”

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Omiete believes that the “launch in Kenya will help us learn more about the international food logistics market and provide the experience we need to open in more cities globally.”
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This article was first published on 14th June 2024


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