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Travelling is very appealing as an escape from our usual routines. But besides travelling on holidays, what other reasons are good for travelling? We recommend using travel to celebrate milestones in your life.
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Milestones are proof that we’ve grown and that being alive is an accomplishment. Celebrating them reminds us to be thankful and boosts our energy levels, improving productivity as a result. And we all know how valuable travelling is. Put travel and milestone celebration together and you have a memory to last a lifetime. Here are some suggestions on the best milestones to celebrate with a travel experience.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays and anniversaries are some of the best times to travel. They are already special, so a trip would add a bit of pizazz to the occasion. Milestone birthdays and anniversaries include Sweet 16, 21st birthdays, the big 30, and 10th, 25th, and 50th anniversaries. Try to switch up your celebration routine from buying dresses and eating cakes to gifting your memory with a travel experience. Imagine throwing a birthday bash with a picnic at Agbokim Waterfall in Calabar. Travel trips made in honour of birthdays and anniversaries are so special because they add variety to your celebrations.
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Public Holidays

One thing we enjoy about living in Nigeria is multiple public holidays. If it is not a Muslim holiday, it is a Christian or a national holiday. You get time off work to plan a relaxing or adventurous activity. The best public holidays, though, are two-day holidays which involve the weekend; for instance, one that starts on a Thursday and ends on a Friday just before Saturday. Or the one that starts on a Friday and by extension includes a Monday. If you are the type with religious obligations during the weekend, you would prefer the former than the latter. During this time, you can take a trip out of town for a dip in the warm springs at Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort by Friday and be back by Sunday. Or plan a 20-year school reunion in a state like Lagos where attractions are much and people will have to travel down for it. The reason this is a great time to use for a milestone celebration is that it gives you enough time to travel and return without it affecting your work.


Ever heard of destination weddings? They are done by couples who want to mark the start of their life together in a travel destination. You can travel all the way to Obudu Mountain Resort for a private wedding ceremony or you can use any open-air location near a jetty in Lagos. Alternative remote destinations include Almat Farms and Resort in Abuja or Jara Beach Resort in Lagos. The experience will add colour to your lives when you look back to tell the tale of how you started out as a couple.

Gap Years

Gap years mark a transitional period in life. Examples include the time  before going to university or making a career life decision, start of retirement, after graduation, or before taking on a new job. These transitions are milestones worth reflecting on. Some Nigerians in the diaspora, use this time to come home and get acquainted with their culture or roots. Others use it to complete their NYSC requirement to enable them to get jobs here in Nigeria. In the Nigerian educational system, a gap year could be the breaks brought on by ASUU strike, which is also a good time to travel. You can take a road trip through Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Cross River states. The reason this period is perfect for travel is that you have no prior commitments down. So you can travel for as long as you want and return without a sense of urgency.   Featured Image Source: Medium
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This article was first published on 7th October 2020


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