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  Many young Nigerians shy away from politics and demonstrate a high level of political apathy due to the negative connotations that have followed politics for a long time. RiseONigeria, an engaging platform for political enthusiasts, has emerged to solve this problem by enacting steps to ensure transparent elections through the use of technology.

How To Register On RisONigeria 

To join the platform, visitors to the website have to provide the following details:
  1. Name
  2. Email address.
  3. State of Origin
  4. Their local government of origin
  5. State of residence
  6. Their local government of residence

Next Step

New members are to create their desired governance structure using the LGA of residence and origin data provided to show the different governance structures such as Local Government Area, State House of Assembly constituency, Federal House of Assembly constituency, and state.

Nomination Process 

RiseONigeria’s nomination feature gives you the opportunity to nominate any capable member of your community who you believe to possess the right qualities for political leadership. The available political offices include Councillor, Local Government Chair Person, State House of Assembly member, and Federal House of Representative member, senator, governor, and president. Sign up to the Connect Nigeria daily newsletter Once nominated, candidates would be required to provide background information such as their educational, professional, and experiential qualifications as well as their political manifesto. You’re free to nominate yourself if you choose. RiseONigeria enables users to choose any political party of their choice. The platform is a great introduction to political parties that strive for a better Nigeria for people who are not part of any political party.

Discussion Spaces 

Each governance structure on RiseONigeria has a designated discussion forum where members can engage in political discussions moderated by the platform. It also encourages members to share ideas on various topics that pertain to good governance and aspirations for a better Nigeria.

Tracking Feature 

RiseONigeria has a feature for tracking nominated candidates who demonstrate a high level of engagement based on their impressions and posts on ideas on how to transform their respective governance units. A leaderboard will be displayed in the different discussion spaces and the 10 most popular candidates will be shortlisted for the next phase of selection. E-Townhall Meetings RiseONigeria has a video conferencing and streaming feature for hosting e-townhall meetings. These meetings will feature experts to discuss key topics and propose ideas for a better Nigeria. Members will be able to watch these meetings from anywhere in the world. Visit to learn more about RiseONigeria and what role you can play to ensure good governance across various sectors of Nigeria. Featured Image Source:
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This article was first published on 20th October 2021


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