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Who is a model?

A model is someone whose profession is to display, promote or advertise a product. He/she can either be a male or female.

They show people the visual or physical representation of what they are modeling for.

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Types of Modelling in Nigeria

Fashion Model: They are one of the most common types of models. They work with fashion designers and are often in fashion editorials and magazines.

The body type for being a fashion model is usually very strict. Fashion modeling is very lucrative.

Commercial Model: They are used for a commercial advertisement for brands, TV shows, etc.

Swimsuit/ Lingerie Model: They advertise underwear for brands. They are to wear swimsuits, lingerie, and bikini. They need to have a great body because they will be showing lots of skin.

Fitness Model: They work with brands related to the health sector. They advertise for fitness companies, nutritionists, etc. They need to have athletic bodies.

Plus-size Model: With the increasing need to promote body positivity, brands now work with plus-size models. They advertise for fashion brands, grace magazine covers, etc.

Although, there is no strict rule, you need to be curvy as a female and have a great shape. Females are mostly used for plus-size modeling.

Runway Model: They grace fashion shows. They work with fashion designers to show their latest designs to the public. Runway models are usually of the same height range and body type.

Parts Model: These models model various parts of their body like the head, teeth, nails, etc. For instance, if they are to work for a toothpaste brand, they need to have a good set of dentitions.

What are modeling agencies?

Modeling agencies are business organizations made up of skilled individuals who train, represent, and broker agreements on behalf of their clients, models, fashion enthusiast, and artists.

Modeling agencies are companies set up to represent models. They are the middlemen between brands and the model.

Meanwhile, many modeling agencies scout for models, search for modeling gigs for them and collect a particular percentage or commission.

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Furthermore, models can also apply to model agencies to work for them. Being with a modeling agency has advantages as a model.

Modeling agencies in Nigeria

Silverbird Group

Identical Media

Pillars and Pride of Africa Model & Talent Management

Exquisite Models International

Fashion Instinct Modelling Agency

Y-ray Models

Looks and More

ISIS Model Management

Beth Modeling Agency

JC Modeling Agency Nigeria

Anaconda Modeling Agency

Zahara Models

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Black Dove Model Agency

How to become a model in Nigeria

  • Know your statistics
  • Choose the type of modeling you want to venture into.
  • Have a modeling portfolio
  • Find the right modeling agency
  • Build your social media platforms
  • Be healthy, take care of yourself
  • Keep practicing and learning

At what age can one become a professional model in Nigeria?

Typically, you can start modeling from age 16-to 21 but they are models who start younger or earlier.




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This article was first published on 6th May 2022


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