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In 1999 James Duncan Davidson developed Apache TomCat, [also known as TomCat Server], for the Apache Software Foundation. So what is TomCat hosting, and what makes it so popular and worth using?

An outline of [Apache] TomCat

Apache TomCat is essentially an open source project, specifically a Java servlet Container rather than a web server which you may have expected. Soon after being released it was gaining critical acclaim amongst those web developers focused on creating and maintaining exciting websites and relevant applications utilising the Java platform. Basically it’s the best ever playground for all people who are into Java in any form and if this sounds like you then you should use Java web hosting from JavaPipe, they have a great service, good prices and knowledgeable support.

Why use TomCat hosting?

Anyone working on Java-based projects will struggle to find a better host to use than TomCat. Here’s why:
  • It’s steeped in the benefits of TomCat’s Java experts history and knowledge. This is hosting that doesn’t just care about your site, it is designed specifically to deal with apps which are created in Java.
  • You will never be a mere afterthought at TomCat, instead it’s Java first, and every time. Java users find this approach to be incredibly refreshing, especially considering some large companies don’t even bother to have Java as an option on their systems – citing the narrow scope Java has as justification.
  • It’s better value for money than many other sites. While it’s true that launching a Java based website does mean the host must be able to support various aspects such as MySql, memory, databases amongst others, and the extra effort involves inevitably leads to higher costs, but choosing a non-Java specialist hosting company is almost certainly going to be more expensive than using TomCat.

Choose the best possible TomCat Hosting Provider

As we already mentioned not all companies offer TomCat hosting, so you need to look around. This is especially true if you plan to use a shared server option. Before you start your search make a note of which features are the priority for you, whether that’s price, speed, memory or anything else. That helps you maintain focus and save time. If you are after a few suggestions to get you started here are a few more details on two providers considered to be pretty good bets.


They bring a very attractive uptime record of 99.9% to the table, along with 24/7 customer support in various forms. If flexibility is important to you make a note, as all A2Hosting plans can be customized at any point. There’s a generous 30 day full refund policy in place, so if you decide this is not the company for you it’s an easy exit, and of course the monthly plans are very affordable indeed, starting from just $5.


A sound choice as they actually specialise in hosting TomCat sites, and are actually perfectly happy to install TomCat on shared servers! [VPS and dedicated options are also available.] Other nice plus points include their commitment to staying up to date with Java developments and some ridiculously generous opening offers on pricing.

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This article was first published on 29th October 2018

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