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  Alongside all the innovations and tech we have put to good use for mobilization and logistics thanks to #EndSARS, procurement has been key and has only happened thanks to massive donations from all over the world from Nigerians and foreigners alike. One of the platforms that has helped donations is
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The platform is powered by Tayo Oviosu’s Pagatech. In describing what it is all about, the website says, is a fundraising and empowerment platform for charitable organizations who are helping the less privileged in our communities. With, organizations raise awareness and access financial support from donors both locally and abroad. This system encourages the organizations we support to be transparent and accountable. The funds raised on this platform go directly to the organizations…..”

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The platform has been so relevant now especially as the internationally recognized donation platforms like GoFundMe have not been available to Nigeria even as we speak. Over the weekend, was the platform that helped raise over 4.5 million Naira for a prosthetic leg for a female protester who was pictured at the front of a protest with her crutches. Currently, efforts are in overdrive to make the platform open to not just organizations but any and anyone who needs to solicit for donations and millions have bought in. Featured Image Source: @donate_ng – Twitter
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This article was first published on 21st October 2020


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