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  The state of your mental health largely depends on how confident you are in yourself and the lens through which you view the world. Bad habits can significantly distort our perspective of life, which in turn, can affect our confidence and mental health.
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Below are some steps you can take to eliminate bad habits that affect your mental health and kills your confidence.

Stop Fantasising 

Fantasising is often the result of dissatisfaction with life. Many people feel they can only be happy if they have certain things in their lives and they start fantasising about having those things. While this may feel good at the moment, it never leads to any real progress. Fantasising about things you do not yet have makes you only focus on the end result while ignoring the work necessary to achieve that goal. This leads to stagnancy and can harm your self-esteem when you fail to get the things you desire due to not putting in the work. A healthy alternative to fantasising is visualisation. Visualisation involves picturing the goal, as well as the process it takes to reach it. Start visualising the goals you have for the future and the work necessary to achieve them and be determined to put in the work.

Find An Outlet For Your Negative Feelings 

Negative feelings are not inherently bad. At best, they are a reminder that we are human. As a society, we’ve become so accustomed to adages such as “toughen up” and “keep your chin up” that we feel the solution is to always bottle up negative emotions.
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While it’s good to show resilience in difficult times, bottling up your negative feelings is never healthy. No matter how hard we try to repress those feelings, they’ll eventually find their way out, often in a destructive manner. The solution is to find healthy outlets for channelling your emotions. This could include journaling, hitting the gym, or finding a hobby. Such activities allow you to own aspects of yourself which you would usually hide. This can be incredibly powerful for your mental health.

Stop Feeling Helpless 

No matter how hard things get, it’s always vital to remember that there’s always a way out. Although this mindset can be hard to develop, it is possible by changing the way you view the world. Instead of seeing your situation as hopeless, start appreciating the change you can manifest if you work hard to improve your life. Recognise the potentials you have for success and put in the work even if it means starting with baby steps.

Develop Empathy 

One of the most toxic mindsets to have is a victim mindset. When we’re in a position where you’ve been treated unfairly, it’s always helpful to step back and see things from the other party’s perspective. This doesn’t mean you should excuse bad behaviour. However, empathising with someone who has wronged you can help you see how your own actions could have contributed to your poor treatment. This helps you to know how to prevent such a situation in the future and empowers you to take responsibility for your life. Featured Image Source: Diabetes UK
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This article was first published on 16th May 2021


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