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  It has been established that sleep is essential for everyone, irrespective of their age. Sleep aids the mind, rejuvenates the body, and strengthens the systems of the body.
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Healthy adults are in need of about 7 to 9 hours of sleep to restore their bodies. Whereas young children and teenagers need more than that for their growth. Since sleep is good for us, how much sleep do we all need? Knowing the number of hours of sleep that you need is the first step to ensuring that your wellness is ensured. You need to decide on how much sleep you need but first, you would have to consider certain things like your overall health, the daily activities that you partake in, and your sleep patterns. Whilst recognizing that the needed amount of sleep can vary from person to person, we should make sure that we apply the necessary tips for obtaining an optimal night’s sleep.

The Recommended Sleep Time For The Age Groups

  Age Range Sleep Hours needed
Newborn 0-3 months 14-17 hours
Infant 4-11 months 12-15 hours
Toddler 1-2 years 11-14 hours
Preschool 3-5 years 10-13 hours
School-age 6-13 years 9-11 hours
Teens 14-17 years 8-10 hours
Young Adult 18-25 years 7-9 hours
Adult 26-64 years 7-9 hours
Older Adult 65 and above 7-8 hours

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Tips On How To Improve Your Sleep

It is important that we make sleep a priority in our schedules. Getting around to do this means that we would have to take out hours from our work time and social activities to sleep. We also have to be intentional about this so that we do not overwork ourselves and in the end sacrifice our time for sleep. Hence, it is not advisable to cut short a person’s sleep. Here are ways that you could improve your sleep:
  • Improve your sleep by making sure that your bedroom is tidy.
  • Create a sleep schedule and endeavour to stick to it, every day.
  • Learn about any relaxing pre-bed routine and practice it daily. These routines help you to fall asleep quickly.
  • Choose a mattress that is comfortable for you. Do not forget to add the best pillows and bedding you can find.
  • Be mindful of the lighting in your bedroom. Try to minimize the light and sound disturbance that might affect your sleep.
  • Put down your mobile phones and laptops before going to bed. Your screen time should not interfere with your rest.
Avoid too much intake of caffeine and alcohol. If you must take them, do not take them in the hours before bed. Featured Image Source: Black Enterprise
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This article was first published on 30th January 2022


Ohia, Ernest Chigaemezu is a writer, editor, and grade teacher based in Jos, Nigeria.

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