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Oftentimes, when we are seeing a movie in our sitting rooms, chances are we are doing something else simultaneously— it could be reading a book, scrolling through feeds on our social media platforms, or munching on snacks.

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Eating and at the same time doing something else can be a problem for us since we are not paying attention to what we are eating. It can become an unhealthy lifestyle for us. If done periodically, a person could consume too much unhealthy food and fail to realize it. He/she could even develop the habit of eating when they are not hungry. Mindless eating should not be encouraged as it sets the pattern for unhealthy eating.

The only way to combat mindless eating is to practice mindful eating.

What Then Is Mindful Eating?

This concept is largely based on the mindfulness theory and practices, which advocates that people should take things one at a time, live in the moment, and take extra measures to pay attention to their actions.

Mindful eating finds purpose in eating meals. It asks the question, “Why should I eat?” “How should I eat?” “How much should I eat?” It shows how thoughtful you are in choosing what to eat. This is important because you would form the habit of making deliberate food choices that will not be detrimental to your health. You will gain control over food instead of the opposite.

Benefits Of Mindful Eating

The following are the main benefits of mindful eating:

  • Practising mindful eating will help you to establish gratitude for the food you have on your table.
  • You will learn to savour the taste of food. It will help you to enjoy food more.
  • Your cravings will be curbed.

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  • Mindful eating helps in effective food digestion.
  • With mindful eating, you will understand your body better and consciously set the time for when to start eating or to stop. It will help you in the struggle to stop emotional eating and other disordered eating patterns.
  • Mindful eating can serve as the right weight management technique.

Steps To Practicing Mindful Eating

  • Start mindful eating exercises to see how far you can go. These exercises will reset your body system gradually and help you with the act of paying attention to your food.
  • Have a positive attitude towards food.
  • Put together a daily meal plan. It should spell out the type of food you need, how large or how small, and when to eat it.
  • Take smaller meals in between schedules. You can have them about three hours apart.
  • Seek help from nutritionists and food planners. You can also meet your friends and relatives for advice. They will be glad to help you out if they had been indulging in mindless eating in the past.
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This article was first published on 21st February 2022


Ohia, Ernest Chigaemezu is a writer, editor, and grade teacher based in Jos, Nigeria.

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