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  Sweating is a natural occurrence. Most people sweat when they’re engaging in physical activity, walking in the sun. Sweating is the natural means through which the body regulates its temperature. However, the foul odour that sometimes comes with sweat can be incredibly unpleasant, especially when you’re around friends and family.
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To avoid body odour and the shame that comes with it, it’s vital to address the problem at its core: bacteria. Here are some tried-and-true ways to keep your body odour at bay so you can smell great every day.

Keep Yourself Clean 

Take a shower at least once a day to wash off sweat and bacteria from your skin. Sweat has no odour by itself. The odour results when bacteria on your skin mix with sweat. They spread quickly and produce a foul odour. Body odour can be prevented and reduced by washing thoroughly, especially in places where you sweat a lot.

Bathe With Antibacterial Soap 

Regular baths or showers will help to remove sweat and odour-causing bacteria. Use an antibacterial soap, which is designed to eliminate odour-causing germs and has been demonstrated to work.
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On the soap’s packaging, look for the word “antibacterial.” Take the time to thoroughly wash sweat-prone parts of the body, such as the underarms and feet. Finish by completely drying yourself to avoid bacteria from developing on your skin.

Stick To A Healthy Diet 

Some foods can contribute to the development of body odour. Onions and garlic, for example, have an odour that can be released via your pores when you sweat. Caffeinated and alcoholic beverages can lead to increased sweating. Try to eat a nutritious diet always and remember that it’s not always about eliminating these items entirely, but rather about eating them in moderation.

Use Antiperspirants

Use a powerful antiperspirant on your underarms once you finish showering. These contain aluminium chloride, a substance that helps to minimise sweating. Use it twice a day, in the morning and evening. A strong antiperspirant does not require a prescription. Look for ones that claim to be of greater strength. If you think you need some support in choosing the right antiperspirant, you can talk to your doctor about prescription antiperspirants. Sources: Netmeds Thompsontee Featured Image Source:
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This article was first published on 17th October 2021


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