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Wellness: 5 Subtle Signs Of Dehydration

Drinking enough water is supposed to be a normal activity for everyone but sometimes it can become a challenge for people who lead busy lives. 

This results in dehydration which often comes with signs that often go unnoticed. 

Here are a few signs of dehydration that you might be missing.

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Your skin becomes more inelastic

Pinch your skin. Does it remain stretched or tugged after you release it? If so, then your body might be extremely dehydrated. 

When your skin is dehydrated, it loses elasticity. Another way to spot this is to check your face when you wake up. If it has too many pillow wrinkles, you might be dehydrated. 

You have dark circles under your eyes

While dark circles under the eyes are often attributed to a lack of sleep, dehydration can also be a culprit.

Dehydration causes the blood vessels in the skin around the eyes not to receive enough fluids. As a result, these blood vessels become more prominent. 

You don’t sweat even after an intense workout 

When we sweat, our bodies release water to keep us cool. This means the body won’t be able to produce this water if it is not well hydrated. If you are not sweating after a tough workout, that might be a sign that you are seriously dehydrated. 

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This should be a reason to drink some fluids immediately and perhaps seek medical attention, especially if you are experiencing other symptoms of dehydration. 

Your bathroom breaks take longer than three hours

If you frequently find yourself waiting for more than three hours between trips to the toilet, then this might be a sign that your body is not getting enough hydration. 

According to WebMD, most people urinate between 6 and 8 times a day. This means everyone is supposed to take a bathroom break roughly every three hours during the day. Due to factors like bladder size and medication usage, some people may urinate less often. But if you find that you are urinating at an abnormal frequency, then you should consider increasing your daily intake of water. 

You Always Feel Tired

Feeling extremely exhausted without any apparent reason may be due to a lack of hydration. 

Dehydration often results in sleepiness throughout the day. It is important to maintain healthy sleep and hydration habits so that you will be able to rule out dehydration as a cause when next you inevitably feel sluggish during the day. 



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