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The internet is awash with information about losing weight. This makes it harder to distinguish helpful information from the bad. 

One way to know if a piece of information is good for you is if it is based on actual science.

Here are 5 science-based ways to lose weight naturally:

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Drink Plenty Of Water

Staying hydrated is an essential component of staying healthy. When it comes to losing weight, its importance can’t be overemphasised.

Water keeps your body hydrated, leads to reduction of calories taken, and speeds up your body’s metabolism, all of which can help you lose weight. 

Moreover, water is a great alternative to beverages that are high in calories and sugar. Always start and end your day with a glass of water.

Eat More Fruits And Vegetables 

Fruits and vegetable are extremely healthy, and they can help you lose weight.

Not only are they high in water, nutrients, and fiber, they also have very low energy density. As a result, it is possible to eat large servings of them without consuming too many calories. 

In addition to this, eating fruits and vegetables helps you consume more fibers, which supports weight loss. 

Eat More Slowly 

When you eat too fast, you end up eating too many calories before your body even receives the signal that you are full. 

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According to this study, faster eaters are more likely to become obese compared to those who eat at a slower pace. 

When you’re eating in a restaurant or mall, always choose the smallest portion and take time to read the menu. Chew your food more slowly because it will help you eat fewer calories and increase the production of hormones that aid in weight loss. 

Drink Green Tea 

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. One of the reasons is because it is loaded with antioxidants. 

Consuming green tea has so many benefits including fat burning and weight loss. Studies show that green tea may increase energy expenditure by 4% and increase selective fat burning by 17%.

Try to go for unsweetened green tea since it has few to no calories.

Be Optimistic

Losing weight, like most goals, requires a positive attitude. Understand that there are some days when you may not get things right. You may eat more portions than you should. 

You may be unable to say no to desserts. When this happens, try not to be too hard on yourself. Understand that it may take time but you will eventually achieve your weight loss goals. 

Don’t be in a hurry. Set small goals for yourself every day



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This article was first published on 24th May 2020 and updated on March 11th, 2021 at 5:34 pm


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