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Nowadays, many people are not willing to take up trades due to the negative perceptions they hold about them.  This stems from the notion that trades are taken up only by illiterates while professional jobs are meant for the educated ones. Nevertheless, there are still a few eccentric individuals who despite their educational background and credentials have delved into the trade industry in order to offer in-demand services. Omotayo Lasaki is a prime example of one of these individuals who have dared to be different. She is the founder and CEO of Tayasaki Interiors Limited, an Interior Decor company invested in making all kinds of furnture.

The Story  

Omotayo Lasaki is an Education Administration graduate of the University of Lagos. After passing through the four walls of the university and earning a degree that could set her up for professional work in the future, one would wonder why Omotayo opted for a path hardly taken by her peers let alone her gender. The reason lies in the fact that she has always been a handy person and she found the opportunity to put this quality to good use.

Her venture into carpentry began after she found a job in a wooden construction company in Lekki while waiting out a long strike at the University of Lagos. She was working as a PA to the MD of the firm and a Marketer for the company. While working there, Omotayo faced a challenge common to most apprentices who are still fresh in the industry – she didn’t get to be enlightened on the process of manufacturing, owing to the lengthy distance between the company’s factory and her office. With her quest for more knowledge and a growing passion in the industry, she resolved to learn carpentry and establish her own manufacturing company. Eventually, this would lead to the founding of Tayasaki.

In the initial stage of her business venture, Omotayo had to start out like any random person without capital; she had to be vocal about her capabilities and services she was willing to offer in exchange for payment. As a result, she learned how to negotiate her services and has since gone on to grow her business to quality standards. This reflects in the way and manner in which her products and services have been packaged to appeal to the Nigerian audience.

Mode of Service

Tayasaki Interiors offers a wide range of furniture including wardrobes, security doors, bulletproof doors, steel doors, kitchen cabinets, sliding doors, window blinds, aluminum partitions, handrails, flush & panel doors and so on. They are committed to supplying factory-manufactured products in real time.

Indeed, Omotayo Lasaki is an example of how Nigerian youths can take initiative by exploring trades and other blue-collar activities in order to earn a living.

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This article was first published on 14th May 2019


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