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Africa is remarkably blessed with natural resources which have a striking viability for success if utilized effectively. In fact, the silver lining in Africa’s current situation is that for every problem the continent is facing, there is always a smart solution to that problem, thus giving room for diverse business opportunities to spring up. Aware of this fact, John-Paul Iwuoha deemed it fit to start a website that would expound the goldmine of opportunities in Africa and educate the masses on utilising these opportunities to create wealth

The Big Leap From Employee To Full-Time Entrepreneurship

Not everyone has the luxury of exploring different careers before settling for an ideal one, but for John-Paul, this was the case. He went from being a professional engineer to becoming a full-fledged accountant after working with Price Water House Copper (a multinational professional service firm with its headquarters in London). In the process John-Pail acquired world-class experience and knowledge in accountancy. However, John-Paul discovered he was not cut out for the corporate world and as a result, he worked his way into the world of entrepreneurship without having it all figured out. In May 2015, he resigned from his 9-5 job and soon launched

Sparking An Entrepreneurial Revolution 

Through, John-Paul’s goal is to inform, encourage and inspire Africans to employ hardcore entrepreneurship as a remedy to the problems Africa is currently faced with. He does this by digging deep into the success stories of startup companies in Africa that have emerged to solve one problem or the other. These stories serve as benchmarks for other young and upcoming entrepreneurs to evaluate their orientations about entrepreneurship and set them on the right track. John-Paul also addresses several business ideas and principles that inform his readers about the status quo in the African business ecosystem and how they can fit in. His work has been featured on several local and international media including CNN, Huffington Post, and the Africa Perspective magazine. As part of his effort to reveal the lucrative business opportunities in Africa, he launched a book titled 101 Ways To Make Money In Africa, which is based on throwing light on several business ideas and investment opportunities in Africa. As a man who walks the talk, John-Paul runs an enterprising farm; he was featured on CNN in 2016 where he talked about his growing farm and its role in fostering economic growth in Africa. With websites like in existence, Africans are encouraged to view their continent from a different perspective and embrace the opportunities that exist within it.

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This article was first published on 9th August 2018


My name is Samuel Okoruwa. I am an ardent researcher, reading is life and writing is fun.

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