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Bad leadership could be one of the reasons for low turnovers and stunted growth in many organizations. Sometimes, this is caused unintentionally due to a lack of skill, emotional intelligence or immaturity. But the effect on the team and employees are very profound, and devastating sometimes. This makes it inexcusable most times.

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Bad leadership is when the results of effective leadership are not gotten. And it doesn’t start at once. There are different warning signs of bad leadership which includes:


One sign of bad leadership is when the leader puts his need before that of his team. Great leaders believe they can make a difference in the lives of people and to follow this through, they must care about them. Once a leader is obsessed about his plans and agenda above the lives of his people, it is a bad warning sign.

Lack of accountability

As much as leaders guide and lead people, they must realize that people commit their time and intangible resources to their cause. A leader must show respect for his people by being accountable to them. He must prove himself worthy of the trust bestowed on him, and decide not to abuse it. Any leader who unilaterally makes his own decision without consideration for his team is a bad leader.

Lack of appreciation

Great leadership appreciates its followers for their commitment. A warning sign of bad leadership is when a leader takes all of the accolades given to its success and fails to recognize key people instrumental to its leadership.

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A warning sign of bad leadership is seen when a leader lacks confidence in himself and tries relentlessly to ensure no one outshines him. Insecurity always seeks way to demean people’s worth and sacrifices in a bid to stay on top.


Good leadership has structure and principles, however, great leadership focuses on achieving the vision in the best possible ways. This will require flexibility, and once compromise cannot be reached, it becomes detrimental to the leadership.

Lack of Vision

Vision is the most compelling part of leadership. A great leader needs vision to commit people to a cause. Once there is absence of vision, there will be absence of growth. Bad leadership pays no attention to the presence and development of vision.

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Little or no autonomy

Great leaders give their followers the liberty to use their creativity, applying themselves towards the achievement of the team’s goals. A warning sign of bad leadership is when the leaders are overly controlling without any room for the input of the team.


Once a leader tries to get his way by leeching from you, then it is an unhealthy leadership relationship. Every leadership has its vision, but if it requires manipulation to achieve them, then it is bad leadership.


For a leader to effectively lead, there are skill sets that must be possessed. Incompetence will not only greatly hinder the growth of the followers but reveals that the leader is not personally committed enough to the vision to see it come to pass. This will make it difficult for anyone else to be committed.

If you are currently under a leadership that possesses any of the traits or signs, this is a call to step back and reevaluate your choices.

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This article was first published on 30th April 2022


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