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  The Commissioner for Information and Voter Education of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Festus Okoye, has appealed to Nigerians to assist in the cleaning up of the voters’ register.
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Mr Okoye who made a call earlier this week in an interview on Channels TV Politics Today made a revelation on INEC’s alleged involvement in underage registering. Children as young as 10 years old were spotted on the Commission’s database, thus making it possible for them to vote in forthcoming elections. The problem was in reaction to leaked images of some children in northern Nigeria being registered as older than 18 years old. Images that trended not only on Twitter but got people’s attention on all other social media outlets and traditional media. According to Okoye,
“I have seen these pictures as you pointed out, the essence of putting out these is for Nigerians to help the commission further clean up the voters’ register.”

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He described how far the commission had gone to clean up the voter registration system, acknowledging that it had dealt with the situations that had generated much of the underage voter challenge in the past. He further noted:
“Now what the commission did was that at the end of the continuous voters’ registration exercise, a total of 12,298,949 persons completed their registration. Out of this particular number, the commission declared invalid a total of 2,780,756 persons, leaving a total of 9,518,188 persons. “So what the commission has done is to integrate this number with the existing number on the voters’ register, which stood at around 84 million, giving us a total of 93,522,272. “So that is what we have put out there as a preliminary register that people should check. Now we want people to look at the register and assist the commission.”
Okoye also said that to make the process straightforward, they have also uploaded the voters’ register on their website and made it so easy that any person can go on our website and put forward an objection pertaining to the presence of any individual on the register. He, nonetheless, exemplified the steps that Nigerians can follow to help the commission address this issue.
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  1. Visit the INEC registration website
  2. Log your details by clicking the sign-in/sign-up icon
  3. Click on Voter Register
  4. Fill out the “Register of Voters” form with your polling unit information and click “Display Register”
  5. Run through the registered voters in your polling unit to check for discrepancies such as underage voters or duplicitous information
  6. On any identified discrepancy such as a case of underage voters, click on the card and the Icon for raising an objection pops up. Click on the “Raise Objection” icon
  7. This takes you to the page where you can provide some information to ascertain that you are a registered voter
  8. This takes you to the page of the voter you are raising an objection claim on
  9. Take a photo of this page as you will be required to upload it on the next stage
  10. Click next after you review the page of the voter you are raising an objection on
  11. On the next page displayed, check all the boxes on terms and conditions and upload the picture you took earlier
  12. Submit the query and confirm the receipt display at the top of the new page, confirming your query has been successfully submitted
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This article was first published on 17th November 2022


Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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