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  A virtual card is a set of sixteen digits similar to a credit card number together with a CVV code that is randomly generated using the software. 
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Virtual payments are payments that are made online or over the telephone without exchanging cash or paying by check. These payments are made securely using the generated numbers. When payments are made virtually, hackers who steal the generated numbers will not be able to use them. The numbers will not work after they have been used by you to make the payment, and they won’t work to allow access to your accounts or to be traced back to your company. In this article, I will highlight some virtual cards available in Nigeria.
  • Mintyn Virtual Dollar Card

Mintyn is a Nigerian digital bank offering many different banking services, including private bank accounts, corporate accounts, savings, and even services like instant loans and mutual funds. They also have an unlimited virtual dollar card for Tier 3 account holders that can immediately be activated.
  • Chipper Cash

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Chipper cash card is a pre-funded and reloadable virtual visa card that can be used anywhere online for payment. The card works in the same way your local bank card works online. The card can be used for online purchases anywhere Visa cards are accepted. It can also be used to book flights, subscribe to Netflix, or buy anything online easily from your Chipper cash wallet.
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Chipper Cash has two types of wallets/accounts – tier 1 and tier 2. Tier 1 wallet has many limitations but tier 2 allows you to access more features of the app. Chipper Cash says it offers 5% cash back on all purchases.
  • ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

ALAT by Wema on Twitter
ALAT is a digital-only brand operated by Wema Bank, a commercial bank active in all of Nigeria. It offers a complete banking package, with a bank account, physical debit card, savings, loans, and, yes, one of the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria. Once your account is set up and funded, you can load your card straight from your naira balance for up to $20,000 and change the dollars back into naira if you need to. However, you can’t use it on money transfer websites, and it is not compatible with 3D Secure.
  • Wallets Africa

Wallets Africa is a Nigerian startup that offers virtual and physical naira and dollar cards. Considering the true nature of these credit cards, it makes them great for travelling, which is something many Nigerians are struggling to do due to the increase in theft.
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For travellers who don’t want a physical card to be seen when travelling, this digital wallet is 100% risk-free. All you need to provide is your email address at checkout, and your billing information will remain private as well. However, this comes with a price, as your card comes with a monthly $1 fee, a $0.75 fee on every foreign transaction, and a 2% fee to load it from an external account.
  • Fundall Virtual Dollar Card

Fundall on Twitter
Fundall is a Nigerian digital bank providing a wide array of financial services to private and business customers, from a bank account and budget planning to saving pots and loans. They’ve recently launched a virtual dollar card to spend money online without barriers, offering the first card for free, with a minimum load of $5.  Virtual payments can help to reduce invoices and speed up the payment process so that goodwill is built between you and your suppliers.  Instead of being restricted by the Nigerian debit or credit card—cards issued in naira—or given daily limits for international transactions, you can easily use a virtual dollar card. Featured Image Source: Technext
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This article was first published on 9th August 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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