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A hike, according to the Oxford dictionary, is a walking tour. It is a vigorous walk over long distances e.g. above 10 Kilometres. It can be a walk through a desert, rainforest, a mountain climb or even along an icy plain. Nigeria is full of ideal hiking trails for tourists such as the Aso Rock trails, Shere Hills trails or the Olumirin Waterfall trail at Erin Ijesha, even taking the canopy walkway in Lekki Conservation Centre and climbing up the mountain to the top of the Waterfall through the fog at Obudu Mountain Resort Not all long walks are hikes, though. Walking within an urban environment, for example, is not considered a hike. To embark on a hike you need to have certain gears like a backpack of supplies, appropriate hiking footwear, etc. There are different types of hikes.

Day Hike

This is the most popular type of hike among Nigerians. It involves completing a trail within a day; like the Abuja hikes organised by Naidrenalin Adventures now and then. A classic example of a day hike would be the trip up Oke-Ado Mountains to see the suspended Lake. What you need for this beyond light breathable clothing is the right hiking footwear and a backpack of water, snacks and emergency supplies.

Multi-Day Hike

Also known as a base hike or an overnight hike, this hike involves camping out in nature and returning to the trail the next day.  For this, you might need to set up a tent, usually at the final destination or along the trail. There are a few tour-agencies in Nigeria that do this, one of them is Unravelling Nigeria.

Section Hiking

As the name implies, this hike involves walk tours for only part of the entire journey and it’s done at a slower pace. It is best for trials that take multiple days or weeks to conclude before returning to base. It’s not popular in Nigeria at the moment.


Through hiking (AKA end-to-end hiking) involves hiking over thousands of miles and can take a few days, weeks, months or even up to a year. Most Nigerian tourists do not deliberately engage in this type of hiking within the country so it is also not popular here. What we have are interstate tours not done on foot like the upcoming summer holiday tour being organised by Motley Travels. What type of hike have you done on your tours within Nigeria? How was the experience? Share your experience in the comment section.

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This article was first published on 27th June 2018


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