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A babycation is a vacation you go on while pregnant as one last trip before the baby comes. It is also called a babymoon and is best taken in the second trimester. Since many parents prefer to spend the least possible time travelling, they opt for flying with their newborn or toddler. Here are a few travel tips for parents who want to fly with their babies.

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1. Dealing with cabin pressure

Many mothers are uncomfortable flying with newborns because of the cabin air pressure. The change in cabin air pressure can cause pain to a baby’s middle ear. One thing that helps equalize the pressure is to keep the mouth chewing. If you have a newborn, try breastfeeding, or let the baby sucking on a pacifier or feed from a bottle. Also, toddlers can chew on a jelly-filled dummy to help deal with the cabin pressure changes during take off and landing.

2. Managing cabin temperature

Carry an extra blanket or shawl to wrap your baby in, for when it gets too cold. Dress your baby in a onesie, cap, mittens, and socks. For newborns, layer the onesie with a sweater and mini trousers. Use a thick jacket on a shirt and thick trousers for the toddlers.

3. Travel documents for babies under a year old

It’s advisable to wait for the child to be at least four months old before embarking on any an international trip or a 6-hour domestic flight. For domestic flights, you need not worry about getting tickets for any child below 2 years old. An international flight might require a ticket, a passport and a birth certificate; check with your airline to confirm.

4. Going on an international flight

Speaking of international trips, the airline can provide a free bassinet for you to place your baby in to sleep if you request for one on time. You can also request children’s entertainment and meals when booking tickets for a child seat. Some airlines allow children under two years old to travel for free while above two years old may pay a percentage of the adult airfare. As for baggage, check the airline policies. Arik Airlines, for example, allow infants to have 10kg of checked baggage. Furthermore, to avoid stressing your baby, take direct flights instead of flights with layovers.

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5. Medical checks before travelling

Ensure your baby has had at least one round of vaccinations before you travel. Take precaution by vaccinating your baby against any disease outbreak at the destination you are visiting.

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This article was first published on 22nd January 2020


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