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When traveling, the choice for accommodation is usually between hotels and resorts. Though similar, they are worlds apart. Let’s elaborate on the difference between the two.

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Purpose: Hotels are for travelers looking for a place for a sleepover. The primary function is to provide a place of comfort for travelers to lodge. It comes with restaurants and sometimes a gym or pool access.

Offers: It sometimes comes with a fridge, electric kettle, and television. If you see bottled water or beverages in the room, be sure that you will pay for them separately from the room rate. Hotels provide very limited space for their customers, room only. Other places are open to all guests, so there is less privacy when using the gym, or even the spa.

Access: Most hotels are in places with easy access to other locations. For instance, at the airport. Hotels are always in strategic central locations with proximity to key areas in the city. For example, close to an airport, a tourism landmark, or a transportation terminal, to name a few.

Amenities: Because they focus on mainly business travelers, out-of-towners, and mobile tourists, there is a limit to the range of amenities available. Most hotels provide conference rooms and a gym.

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Entertainment: Since the emphasis of this establishment isn’t on providing entertainment, getting a DJ or live band performance is a rarity. It happens on special occasions or times of the day, like by the poolside, when they have more than a couple of persons using the area.


Purpose: A resort has everything you can find in a hotel and more. It is for vacationers who want an all-in-one experience. No inter-transit transportation to the next activity. They want to have a full itinerary being there, then walk to their rooms to spend the night afterward.

Offers: If your room comes with a mini-bar or water, you won’t pay extra for it. They have already factored the price into your accommodation costs.

Access: Resorts are perfect for a complete getaway so they are usually in isolated environments. E.g. rural communities, off a major highway leading into an urban city, etc. Once you get to these destinations, know you are spending all your time in it.
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Amenities: Since everywhere is a game for lodgers, there are more amenities to keep people engaged. Such as restaurants, bars, sporting facilities, spas, shops, recreation centers, pools, etc.

Entertainment: There are more activities to keep guests entertained at a resort. The entertainment is always dynamic, from poolside DJs to live band music, and nighttime bonfires to special events.

Now that you know, which of these would you choose for your next vacation?




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This article was first published on 11th May 2022


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