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  We do not consider the Nigerian National Assembly complex a tourist sight. But because of its neoclassical architecture, it draws tourists to the complex for a closer look.
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It is at Three Arms Zone, Central Business District, FCT-Abuja. And as you know, this district is the best place to visit for a city tour of Abuja if you have a thing for architecture. Other attractions within the radius of the Nigerian National Assembly include Millennium Park, National Arboretum and National Children’s Park and Zoo. However, there are a lot of protocols to follow before you can gain entry into the premises for a closer look. You can’t just play the tourist card and enter the premises. Here are a few things to know before you include visiting the National Assembly in your list of must-see Abuja tour attractions:
  • You Need An Invitation: With the consent of someone on the inside, you will not be allowed into the premises. The person has to call the security guards to let them know they are aware you are at the gate. They also have to authorize the guards to give you a security tag (with limited restriction) to enter the premises. The only people with official ID cards allowed to enter freely are members of NASS and journalists.
  • There Is A Dress Code: When visiting the National Assembly complex, make sure you do not wear sleeveless tops or anything above the knee. Your skirt, pants or gowns must be below your kneecap. For trousers, even three quarters or mid-length won’t cut it, it must be ankle length.

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  • No Pictures Allowed: This is such a bummer because whatever you see is for your eyes only. You cannot carry a camera into the premises. They, however, have accredited photographers that may take pictures outside the building. Unless you get permission to take photos, it is best not to even test this with a camera phone.
  • No Commercial Taxis Allowed: If you want to visit, it is best to go in a personal car. You can also use an Uber or Bolt vehicle that has no official markings on them. But beware, you may get harassed if they find out it is a commercial taxi. The guards might ask you to drop from the Uber if it is not your personal car. So prepare your mind to join the queue waiting at the gate for a shuttle bus to ferry them into the premises.
  • Know The Layout: As tourists, we know to research a destination before we arrive there. This familiarization process is key for visiting government establishments. If you are not going with someone who knows the way, then find out more before you go. At the National Assembly, there are two main entrances. The guards allow everyone through the first gate, but the second gate is a no-go area for visitors. They may ask you to park by the second gate and walk a long journey to the NASS building.
Things may have changed since after the pandemic. By things, we mean the protocol may have increased or gotten tighter since coronavirus. If you have been there recently, share your experience with us. Now that you know these things, do you still wish to include a visit to the Nigerian National Assembly in your travel itinerary when visiting Abuja? Source: Premium Times NG Featured Image Source: Nairametrics
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This article was first published on 28th October 2021


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