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A travel itinerary is not just a list of places you want to see and when. It is a step-by-step list of how a traveller spends his time away from home. Itineraries are meant to organise details of before, after and during your trip. For instance, how close to the airport or bus park would you want to be when you arrive at your destination? How will you get to the park on time after booking online? Who should you inform of your travel movements in case of an emergency? The list of things to consider when planning your itinerary is long.
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So making life easier for you, we have compiled categories with which to plan your personal travel itinerary. Such as:
  • Document Essential Travel Information– Write out the names of the hotel/accommodation chosen, airline check-in time, transport company for interstate rides, day trip info, currency exchange rates, etc. Under travel documents, you can stack your boarding pass, receipts, photocopy of passports bio page, tickets. You can log into your airline or bus parks website to get or download all your flight information for your itinerary. These are some info that you may need to document and store in a travel wallet or booklet.
  • Create segments for each information– Segment your information into categories. You can have categories such as contact/emergency numbers, items packed, health details, attraction sites, and addresses. For Address category, you can write out the tour destinations address, your accommodation address, airlines office for booking/enquiries, and/or your countrys embassy address (if you are travelling out). Other info to write are hospital listings at your destination, details for travel logistics like rentals or transport options, tour meeting points, travel agents office address, etc. An example of transport options is knowing the location of GIGM, Agofure and other bus parks along the Lekki-Expressway if you are visiting Lagos Island. For Mainland, everyone knows most bus parks are at Ojota. As for contact numbers, have the phone number of the hotel, tour guide, police, health emergency number, etc.  

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  • Keep Your Itinerary Brief – Try to put your activities and information on a single sheet of paper. If you prefer a note pad, thats fine. So long as the details of your trip are not too voluminous. You can write them as bullet points with brief summaries to let you remember why certain info is in your itinerary. For instance, you want to visit Lagos and you have earmarked some tourist attractions. You can write a brief note beside each one to keep the experiences excitement alive. Say you want to go on a food tour on the Island and you have the names of certain locations to visit. You can have minor notes like Cactus – delicious petite cake & ice cream, Eric Kayser – a variety of croissant & ice cream, Krispy Kreme – doughnut delights & ice cream, etc.
  • List The Dates And Times Of Each Activity – Write out the days you want to go out to certain places and include the time and date for each activity. This list can include visits to restaurants, beach fronts, churches, tour destinations, and times for visitation with friends, city tour, etc. By listing out this info, you will know when you are free to go with the flow.
Don’t just travel to a different city to stay indoors all day or focused on only the reason you travelled. Create an itinerary that makes it possible for you to immerse yourself into the experience of your destination. Featured Image Source: Pinterest
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This article was first published on 11th September 2020


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