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Chances are you will forget something when you have an important unanticipated trip to make. There are a few items you can replace when you get to your destination and their others you may have trouble replacing. Whatever you do, we hope you do not forget these things:

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1. Leave Room For More – Packing space is always hard to create. Travellers tend to pick up stuff when they get to a new destination. It could be gifts from loved ones, souvenirs to remember the trip by or even awards you may get from a competition you ended up taking part in at your destination. So when packing, leave room for more. Take essentials and leave any non-essential item you can do without, like a hairdryer or an extra pair of canvass. Pack your things in a way that you can adjust them to create space when you get more things you wish to take back home with you.

2. Keep Electronics Handy – We can’t deny we are in a digital age where gadgets and electronics feature in our everyday life. Do not forget to pack a universal adaptor and portable charger if you are travelling out of the country because voltage levels may be different. If your phone uses a different type of charger from everyone else’s, don’t forget to take it with you. Airports have free Wi-Fi, so you can take your tablets along. Just in case, take ear pods and earbuds/headphones for a more personalized listening experience during your trip. Keeping these close by will reduce the urge to purchase them at the airport or run into unexpected expenses.

3. Check Weather Report – Sure, you are not into meteorological info. However, checking the weather forecast can be especially useful when packing for a trip on short notice. Packing all-rounder outfits and a few for special moments like staying indoors and a statement piece for an outdoor event is ideal. But being armed with info from a weather forecast can help you pack for unanticipated weather changes. For example, we are currently in August, where there is a break in the consistency and intensity of rains in the rainy season. It might tempt you to pack only light clothing because of the heat. You need to understand that climate change has made the weather more erratic lately. This means you might also need to pack thick outfits like a sweater or jacket, waterproof sandals and more, just in case it rains.

 4. Weigh Your Luggage – If you are travelling with a means of transport that specifies the weight of your luggage, check it before you leave home. It gets embarrassing to get to the airport and start having to sort through all you packed on which item you can leave behind. Some bus transporters also specify the size or weight of luggage you intend to travel with. Going above that will incur extra costs you did not sign up for. Try to find out what the weight restrictions are for your luggage from the transporter you are travelling with. Then weigh your luggage at home before you travel so you can pack accordingly.

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5. Have Carry-on Essentials – If you are taking a flight, you must put a summary of your luggage in your carry-on. I call these carry-on essentials. Whatever you put in your hand luggage that you consider a must-have, have a similar type in your carry-on. For instance, your carry on should have a few underwear and toiletries, mini-toothpaste, travel brush, mini perfume and moisturizer. If you are travelling with three shoes, make sure at least one is in your carry on. This way, if anything happens to your luggage at check-in or check out points, you won’t get stranded. Of course, keep your important documents and all your valuables close to you by putting them in your carry-on/hand luggage.

Have you ever forgotten any of these things when travelling? How did you manage? Tell us in the comments.

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This article was first published on 9th August 2021


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