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  The world of tourism is ever-evolving. What is true today can be false tomorrow or irrelevant. So we have brought you some random tourism facts we believe you might need to know. Such as:
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  • Nigeria was chosen to host the 2022 UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Regional Conference this year.
  • Foreigners visit Nigeria more for business than leisure or tourism, even though they know us for our music, films, and culture.
  • Regarding the safest mode of transportation in the nation, Air travel is highly recommended. Travelling by train is still 70% safe compared to road transport.
  • The aviation age when booking flights are: infants – 0 to 1year and 11 months; children – 2 to 11years and 11 months; and adults – 12 years old and above. This means 12-year-old children and above will be charged an adult fare for tickets and are entitled to their own plane seat.
  • The new Nigerian eYellow Card has a QR Code for seamless verification and a Federal Ministry of Health reflective seal for authenticity. If your card isn’t yellow with these two watermarks, then you need to update it. To get it, visit, click Register, and fill in your personal information. Then click the ‘Pay Now’ button to generate your Remita Retrieval Receipt (RRR) code and pay N2000 online. Or you can go to the bank to make the payment. Take proof of payment to any Port Health Services Office to get vaccinated and get the eYellow card.

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  • Nigeria is working on commercializing Cross River National Park, Gashaka-Gumti National Park, and Kainji Lake National Park. It is also working on its first Marine Park in Bayelsa State. The government has approved some of our Nature Reserves for conversion to national parks. They are Apoi Forest Reserve (Bayelsa State): Alawa Game Reserve (Niger State); Edumenum Forest Reserve (Bayelsa State); Falgore Game Reserve (Kano State); Hadejia Wetlands Games Reserve (Nasarawa State); Kampe Forest Reserve (Kwara State); Kogo Forest Reserve (Katsina State); Marai Forest Reserve (Jigawa State); Oba Hill Forest Reserve (Osun State); and Pandam Forest Reserve (Plateau State).
  • Nigerians now need to apply for a transit visa when transiting through the United Kingdom, even when they don’t go through border control. The visa is called a Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV). This new policy does not affect those with a valid EU settlement scheme, home office travel documents (for refugees or stateless persons), standard visitor visas, and marriage visitor visas.
  • When visiting a restaurant in Nigeria, always confirm the price of any item you want that is not listed on the menu. Even if it is on the menu, confirm the prices by asking the waiter. Don’t let shame/embarrassment, pride or fear cause you to spend more than what you budgeted for.
We hope this article has been useful to you. If there is any tourism topic, you need us to look into for you, let us know. You might just be helping someone else in a similar situation. Source: Travu NG Blog Travel to Naija People’s Gazette Nature News Africa Featured Image Source: The Guardian NG
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This article was first published on 23rd January 2022 and updated on February 1st, 2022 at 10:36 am


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