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  Chasing waterfalls can quickly become addictive on embarked on because no two waterfalls are the same. But for a first-time novice, deciding what to carry or do at a waterfall can be daunting. So we’ve compiled a few tips you should consider while planning a visit to a waterfall. They are:
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  • You Need A Backpack

There are a few items you will need to have with you when visiting a waterfall. Such as sunglasses, extra clothes, sunscreen, multi-purpose Swiss knife, insect repellant, flashlight, snacks, water bottle, first aid kit, camera/camera phone, and portable umbrella. Therefore, you need to have a backpack. You can store these items in it for ease of carrying around.
  • Carry A Bottle Of Water
Waterfalls don’t hang by the side of the road. Some of them are way off major roads. Some of these roads are not motor-able, so you will have to hike. Take a bottle of water with you. Preferably one that you can put sachet water inside and reuse after the trip. This will save you from littering the waterfall with sachets or nylons. Also, you can’t tell how clean the water at the falls is, so you need water you are sure of to accompany on the journey in case you get thirsty.
  • Pace Yourself

Fatigue is real. The walk to the waterfalls through the dense forests in the South can leave you feeling worn out before you arrive at the falls. So pace yourself. Don’t insist on covering the distance all at once. Go early in the day so you can leisurely walk through and not feel the need to rush any part of the adventure.
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  • Time Your Visit

We all know waterfalls look their best in the rainy season e.g. Farin Ruwa Waterfall. But not everyone loves to travel during that period. Also, the roads leading up to some waterfalls may be difficult to navigate except during dry seasons, like Gurara waterfall. There are some waterfalls like Erin Ijesha (aka Olumirin) waterfall whose water volume is constant all year round. So you can choose the dry season to visit a waterfall whose water volume is constant all year round. This way, you get the breathtaking view you are seeking after.
  • Type of Footwear

A good canvas or hiking sandals will do. One that has good support and is comfortable. If you can, get proper hiking shoes from amazon or online. They are breathable, provide ankle support, have soles with traction for a good grip for slippery surfaces and they are sturdy. You can also get water-resistant or waterproof shoes. You never know when it might rain in a forest or when you might need to cross a shallow creek/stream. The right footwear can make a vast difference while hiking to the waterfall. Now that you know, we believe we have eased significantly your fears. If you’ve ever visited a waterfall, do share with us the tips you found helpful in dealing with the anxiety that comes with chasing waterfalls. Source: Travel With a Pen World of Waterfalls Featured Image Source: Unsplash
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This article was first published on 19th January 2022


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