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The ShapeShifter Saga: A few days ago, reports of a supposed dinosaur’s bones surfaced online. The bones were said to have been found by construction workers at Mowe, Lagos. At this point, conversations had already begun about the authenticity of the report and how a country like Nigeria will react to this new discovery. The story got even more interesting when a video emerged of the supposed landowner of the site where the bones were found, demanding to be settled before the bones could be taken away. Presently, another video has been released showing a tablet lying beside the bones. The tablets show the inscribed words “ADAPT OR DIE”, alongside a website address, ‘’. A lot of online users have now speculated that it could be a prank or a marketing strategy employed by an organization. In fact, a group of people have also taken pictures with the bone-like structure and they’ve posted a video identifying themselves as a brand; they seem to be an advertising brand and they are currently trending on Twitter. What do you think about this marketing strategy?
Nwa Baby: Hottest Song On The Block Davido has just announced the release of his much-talked-about, latest anthem, New Baby. The song which is also accompanied by colourful visuals was jointly produced by Fresh VDM and Speroach, and released in the early hours of Friday, August 10,2018. Like ,Assurance, the song depicts the love life of the pop star and has lyrics denoting promises of unfailing love and commitment. Davido has also been reported to have taken delivery of his private jet. He made the revelation in Twitter and Instagram that the aircraft has landed in Nigeria.
SingTheSongNigeria: For all those who know the lyrics to their favorite songs by heart, a game has been created for you to show your “lyric expertise” and win a price of 5million Naira for yourself. Head over to this link ( below to register for it. Here are some online conversations about it:   Feature Image:

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This article was first published on 15th August 2018


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