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  Today we look at the top social media trends of the Covid-19 Lockdown era. During the lockdown, many social media users, from celebrities to regular people, found ways to be creative by starting challenges on social media that trended around the world.  Here are 5 social media trends of the Covid-19 lockdown era. 
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Don’t Rush Challenge

In the wake of the lockdown, social media was buzzing with the Don’t Rush challenge. The challenge, which was inspired by the song Don’t Rush started with women as the main participants. Soon, men joined in and children were not left out. People from all over the world participated in this challenge, putting their own creative spins on it while having fun.

Bop Daddy Challenge 

Championed by Falz, the Bop Daddy Challenge was one of the most interesting trends to emerge during the lockdown. This challenge was a spinoff of the Don’t Rush challenge, involving the same concept of editing a video to make it look like one is passing a makeup brush or comb to friends while posing for the camera. This trend stood the test of time and will always be memorable for its catchy theme song titled “Bop Daddy”.  Instagram

Don’t Leave Me 

Popular comedian, Josh2funny, started the Don’t Leave Me trend after posting a video of himself doing some wordplay while onlookers at the background showing their excitement by chanting “Don’t leave me!”. The challenge was not just entertaining but also brilliant due to the creativity that wordplay entails. Many celebs and users on TikTok participated in the Don’t Leave Me challenge and it was fun while it lasted.
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The Ghanaian Pallbearers  The famous Ghanaian pallbearers known for dancing with coffins on their shoulders were a source of entertainment to many during the lockdown. Thousands of social media users at home created several memes featuring the pallbearers. Even if you didn’t want to stay at home during the lockdown, seeing the dancing pallbearer memes on social media was a reminder of what could happen if you ventured out.  

Duduke Challenge 

The Duduke Challenge by Simi, named after her song Duduke, opened up the opportunity for many pregnant women to show off their baby bumps. Many celebs from Craze Clown, Mr Macaroni to Taooma and Iyabo Ojo also participated in the challenge just for the fun of it, showing off fake baby bumps.  Legit Which trends did we miss? Please, let us know in the comment section below.  Featured image source: Pmmnews
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This article was first published on 8th September 2020


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