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  From the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw it all—lay-offs, reduced salaries, new terms of employment, etc. The scope of work has rapidly changed, and it caught us by surprise.
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Job security is undoubtedly anyone’s dream in pursuing a career. Job security in 2021 requires skills in demand. Before you scroll down to sieve out fields to hop on, understand that any job can be secure as long as it is relevant to our reality now and the future of work. Suppose you have a job that involves critical reasoning in solving problems and hardly any mechanical process, safe to say that you are on a relevant path. With the rise in technology, many jobs are now replaced by robots and other technological tools; hence, mechanical processes are slowly fading away. According to LinkedIn, the secure jobs to look out for are in-demand jobs. Some of them are:
  • Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital media is a broad landscape with almost endless limits. Brands are springing up each day; digital marketing is a niche that is rapidly growing. Job titles here include; Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Marketing and Campaign Manager, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Specialist, etc.
  • Business Development and Sales Professionals

This set of people is a business’s lifeblood; they analyze what works and what doesn’t. They manage risks and make projections for the future. Job titles here include; Business Analyst, Sales Consultant, Strategy Advisor, etc.
  • Health Workers

COVID-19 outbreak is enough evidence to see how many health workers are needed all over the world. As long as there are people left on earth, there is a constant demand for health workers. Health workers are not just doctors. They include everyone from Laboratory Technicians, Health care assistants, Pharmacists, Nurses, etc.
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  • User Experience (UX) Professionals

Yes, the line-up cannot be complete without speaking of Tech. The Tech world is a fast-paced one, and with rapid improvements, every day, fields like user experience are of utmost importance. They are the bridge between the backend and the user. A lot of psychology is invested in understanding how humans think and providing a solution they need in the ways they want it. Job titles in this field include User Experience Researcher, Product Design Consultant, User Experience Designer, User Interface Designer, etc.
  • Data Science Specialists

Now, more than ever, the world needs big data to be analyzed, to be kept, to be able to plan for the future and to be monitored. Job titles in this field include Data Scientists, Data Management Analysts, etc.
  • Digital Content Creators

Social media and web content is the next big thing, and creators are everywhere. This website you are currently reading is digital content! Video creators, Brand Storytellers, Podcasters, Bloggers, Writers, Content Managers/Coordinators are top job titles here.
  • Mental Health Professionals

Society is more enlightened and people are beginning to see the effects of mental health on themselves and the world at large. This, in turn, has put Therapists, Life Coaches, and Mental Health Technicians on the global landscape. The best part, proximity is not an issue; the internet has brought everyone together.
  • AI Practitioners

Artificial Intelligence is a fascinating field in the world of tech. Hiring in this area grew by 32% in the last two years. There are a lot of gaps that can be filled here; they include Machine Learning engineers, Machine Learning Researcher, Artificial Intelligence Specialists and lots more. These are a number of jobs made from research. It does not in any way invalidate your line of interest in terms of Job security. Featured Image Source: YNaija
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This article was first published on 13th October 2021


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