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Top 5 Apps That Can Boost Your Productivity As An Agroprenuer


The agro-industry has changed sporadically. The agricultural landscape of Africa has been transformed through innovations and inventions of technological apps and digital products that facilitate productivity among tech-savvy farmers. In a recent article I read on a World Bank-sponsored study, 70% of the population of Nigeria are farmers, whether for subsistence or commercial purposes.

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In an era of global food hunger, Africa produces less than what can cater for the continent. This is a result of several challenges that plague the agro-industry. However, there are so many opportunities that lie in the agricultural industry. Farming in Nigeria today is becoming fashionable, due to the rise of modern technology. In this article, we shall examine how Nigerian farmers can boost productivity using specialised applications and digital products.

  1. ProbityFarms

ProbityFarm is very indispensable for farmers who are struggling with accountability and marketing opportunities. The app is a FREE all-in-one farm management and accounting platform that helps farmers manage farm operations, bookkeeping and connecting their goods to a ready-to-buy market. The app educates farmers on climate change and its effect on farming seasons, thus, giving them early warning signs. It aids them to apply the right measure of fertilizers and helps in weather forecasting, which alerts farmers when to apply fertilizers. More interesting is the fact that ProbityFarm is powered by AI and IoT that offer free accounting business tools for farmers.

  1. Releaf.NG

Releaf is a farming service that was built by Nigerian-American graduates from the most prestigious schools in the US, intending to connect farmers to trusted buyers of agricultural products. The firm invented and operates proprietary food processing hardware, to reduce post-harvest loss in the sustainable oil palm sector.

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  1. Hello Tractor

The app service is for farmers that want to operate on a commercial scale, but have challenges in accessing tractors and large-scale farming implements. Accessing large-scale tools for farming is a serious challenge for Nigerian farmers, which is why Hello Tractor was established to fill in the gaps. Hello Tractor operates in an Uber-styled model of renting tractors to farmers. All that the farmer needs to do is book the number of tractors he wants through the Company’s SMS booking mobile app.

  1. FarmCrowdy

FarmCrowdy is both for the farmers and investors interested in the agro-industry. This was the first digital farming app in Nigeria. This service provider aims to help farmers get investors, and at the same time, help investors receive their ROI. FarmCrowdy gets an investor to invest in any farming initiative of his choice, by sponsoring a farmer. The company leverages industry information from its partnership with insurance firms, communities of farmers, as well as fertilizer and other agro-allied companies, to give its subscribers up to 50% guaranteed returns.

  1. Cellulant

Cellulant is another innovative digital farming service provider that helps farmers gain access to the Federal Government of Nigeria subsidised seeds and fertiliser vouchers from retail shops. The App uses technology to connect farmers and their resources, making it easier to do agro-business across Africa.  The service provider helps facilitate more transactions between more people, so that both producers and consumers can all live better lives.

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