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The invasion of technology can be seen in every sphere of human existence including the legal sector. With legal tech, people can now access the services of qualified legal personnel from the internet regardless of where they are based. Legal tech startups, you can get legal advice from lawyers while handling as much as you can on your own. An example of a legal tech company in Nigeria is DIYLaw Technologies Ltd.

DIY Law is Nigeria’s foremost Legal Tech company founded by Bola Olonisakin, Funke Odeleye and Odunoluwa Longe in 2015. They created it to give people access to legal services and information; it is not a law firm. 

This all-female founded company makes business registrations and engaging with lawyers easy, while providing templates for drafting/customising legal documents. They eliminate third party agents by putting the cost of some services on their website  (website link: like copyright registration, TIN/VAT registration, etc.  DIYLaw Technologies also gives access to legal resources to enable people to understand different legal documents before signing. 

Though there are other legal technology companies springing up, DIYLaw prides themselves on being the pioneers in the Nigerian Legal Tech space. 

Since their inception, they’ve had to deal with a lot of challenges; from internet to power supply, traffic to funding, logistics to finding the right employees, etc as would any start-up business in Nigeria. But their passion to grow the SME sector has kept them going. They are motivated by the impact they are making, i.e. provision of accessible and affordable legal services and job creation. DIYLaw Technologies is backed by a strong and versatile team and the industry experience of the Co-founders which gives them a competitive edge. Over the years, they have expanded their team and their customer base. 

DIYLaw Technologies have won awards such as the Justice Innovations 2015 SME Empowerment challenge by Hague Institute for innovation of Law and the 2018 Connect Nigeria Top 100 Emerging SMEs award. They have also signed partnerships with various organisations that have helped them reach more people.

To make justice work for you using technology, DIYLAw Technologies is your go to. You can contact them via call 07034141855 or email

Featured Image source: DIY Law LLC

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This article was first published on 26th February 2019


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