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Domestic tourism has been a crazy ride this year for Nigerians. We are finally waking up to the reality that our country is beautiful, with amazing sights to see. The numerous innovations in upcoming recreational establishments have made having a vacation in Nigeria more fun than previous years. Though many states are still playing catch up in creating amazing experiences for tourists, a few others are blazing the trail and drawing tourists from all over the world. So let’s look back over the year and review the Connect Nigeria’s Top 10 tourist destinations visited in Nigeria this year.
  1. Tarkwa Bay
Tour operators organised lots of tours to Tarkwa Bay beach this year; one of the reasons maybe because this artificial beach by the Lagos Harbour is clean and open to a range of water sports. People had the choice of camping at the beach, visiting the private beach or staying at the public beach side. The boat ride to the beach is also a great highlight and the range of affordable rentals made it an ideal family getaway spot.
  1. Inagbe Resort
Inagbe Resort
With its picturesque beachfront, swimming pool and other sports facilities, tourists frequented Inagbe Resort in Lagos state for Daycation purposes. The environment is well planned. Not to mention the speedboat ride to the destination coupled with the opportunity to try a pedal boat at the beach, made this location perfect for lots of tourists this year.
  1. Yankari Game Reserve
Yankari Game Reserve
This National Park in Bauchi State is the pride of the wildlife reserves in the country. This all-in-one location is great for creating cool memories. Visitors enjoyed seeing the animals in their habitat on the safari ride, swimming at the Wikki Warm Springs and having Baboons and warthogs graze around the chalets.
  1. Gurara Waterfalls
Gurara Waterfalls
Gurara Falls is an hour’s drive from Abuja (FCT). This tributary of River Niger is stunning during the rainy season because of the increase in the volume of water, while some say it’s best to swim there during the dry season when the water is cleanest. Either way, it’s a sight for all seasons and Nigerian tourists couldn’t just  get enough of it.
  1. Badagry
This town at the border of Nigeria and Benin Republic is a safe and serene location for history and culture lovers. Attractions like Gbereful Island (AKA the Point of No Return), Vlekete Slave Market, Slave Museums, Whispering Palms Resort and Badagry Coconut Beach, plus the Agia tree Monument where the gospel was first preached in Nigeria, had visitors trooping there for sleepovers.
  1. Obudu Mountain Resort
Obudu Mountain Resort
This Christmas, Obudu Mountain Resort has been booked by tourists looking for a unique experience like riding cable cars, hiking to the cascades of waterfalls, or taking a canopy walkway. Some are looking forward to seeing the cattle on the hills or hiking up to the top of Holy Mountain where it is rumoured you can have your prayers answered. Obudu is a choice destination any time of the year.
  1. Kajuru Castle
Kajuru Castle
It’s like Nigerians just realised this hidden treasure turf in Kaduna State. The perks of taking a train ride or flight to Kaduna, coupled with the hike up the hill to the castle are the initial thrills. Then there is a crocodile pit with live crocs, a dungeon and well-equipped kitchen to meet your cooking needs. This Medieval styled Castle built with thick granite, housing floral grounds with a swimming pool, is so breathtaking it was the hype for 2018.
  1. Olumirin Waterfalls
Olumirin Waterfalls
The Olumirin Waterfall, also called Erin Ijesha waterfalls in Osun State, is a seven-step water cascade. This tourist destination better experienced in person as nature’s dynamic beauty unravels with each climb. The waterfall, though yet to be developed into a commercial location, is so well structured, visitors were left amazed.
  1. Ado Awaye
Ado Awaye
Knowing the only suspended lake in Africa (Iyake Lake) is in Ado-Awaye, Oyo state sent many Nigerians hiking up the Oke Ado Mountain for a glimpse. This one spot has multiple attractions surrounded by enchanting folklores such as the Iya-Alaro lake, the elephant tree, Oke Ishaga rock amongst others. Adventurers couldn’t stop talking about this fun experience.
  1. Omu Resort
Omu Resort
This resort at Ibeju-lekki in Lagos State is famed for being an ideal family multi-hub. It’s a combination of adventure, history and nature with its attractions like a Zoo, Wax Museum, Waterpark for kids, Go-kart racing for adults, etc. With something for everyone, this destination was the premium family recreational centre in 2018. There were lots of new tourists hubs this year like Lekki Leisure Lake, Jabi Boat club, Fifth Chukker and Ilashe Beach Resort just to mention a few. Even though these 10 destinations got the most attention this year, we can’t wait for 2019 to explore more destinations.   Featured Image Source:

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This article was first published on 25th December 2018


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