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  Cancer refers to a disease in which some of the body’s cells grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body. Cancer can begin to grow out from anywhere in the human body which consists of trillions of cells.
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It seems to be one of the most troubling ailments in the medical world and synonymous with a death sentence for an average individual. The good news is that cancer can be prevented provided individuals are able to take up a healthy lifestyle over the course of their daily schedule. Asides from breast cancer, cervical cancer have begun to reach the knowledge of a lot of women in the world. Unfortunately, not so many women are privy to reliable life patterns that could save the heavy costs of medical treatments and increase their life spans. Here are tips on how women can help their bodies work against cervical cancer.
  1. Quit Smoking

According to supported reports, women who smoke are about twice as likely as non-smokers to get cervical cancer. Tobacco by-products have been found in the cervical mucus of women who smoke. Researchers believe that these substances damage the DNA of cervix cells and may contribute to the development of cervical cancer. To avoid falling into the traps of cervical, quit smoking as soon as possible.
  1. Limit Number Of Sexual Partners

Too many sexual partners expose a woman to the risk of sexually transmitted diseases that could in turn increase vulnerability to the cancer of the cervix.
  1. Delay Sexual Activity Until Late Teens And Older

Early sexual experiences have been researched to be linked to an increased risk of cervical cancer. This might turn out bad for child brides in Northern Nigeria, who are forcedly married off too early. Teenagers should be advised to hold off sex not only for sake of chastity but for health precautions as this is also an important reason.
  1. Practice Safe Sex

Women are advised to practice safe sex. Ensure that their male partners are intentional about wearing a condom during sexual encounters as this will help reduce the risk of STD’s which are one of the major causes of cervical cancer.
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  1. Avoid Sex With Promiscuous Individuals

Avoid sexual encounters with individuals who have a reputation for having more than one sexual partner. These people are very prone to sexually transmitted diseases.
  1. Avoid Sex With People Having Genital Warts

Amongst other forms of STD’s, genital warts are very obvious. Avoid intercourse with partners who have their genital organs riddled with questionable warts or lumps as this could be a sign of sexually transmitted diseases.
  1. Go For Pap Test On Intervals

Always go for routine pap tests to be on the safe side. A regular test will help detect any early signs of cervical cancer. This will prevent you from having to pay an astronomical amount for treatments.
  1. Get Vaccinated

The vaccination against cervical cancer is currently available. Don’t shy away from getting vaccinated as this will help to completely render you immune from any cancerous build up around your cervix.
  1. Eat Healthily

Keep up a healthy diet with nutrients that will help aid cells reparation. Your regular meals should include more vegetables and less processed meals. Also, ensure that you drink water regularly.
  1. Take It Seriously

Don’t be flippant about the possibility of cervical cancer. Once you put this in mind, you will become intentional about preventing any case of the disease. Cancer can happen to anybody. It is not a cast of class or race, it’s a case of human frailty which we seem to possess. You can prevent the possibility, although, this might seem clichéd, “it’s all in your hand” Featured Image Source: Gleneagles Hospital
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This article was first published on 22nd July 2021


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