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The Nigerian Government has denied that it is aware of news making rounds that the British Government will include its visiting citizens in the list of “high-risk of abuse” countries that will be required to deposit £3,000 on entry, and collect it when returning or forfeit it, if they do not return at the said time. Nigeria was listed with Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Ghana, and Bangladesh, that above-18 visitors with six-month visa, must return after their visa expires or forfeit the money. The plan comes with complete overhaul of the immigration system that the British Government is enforcing, to cut annual net migration down below 100,000 by 2015. Last year, according to the British Home Office, 296,000 people granted six-month visas were from India, 101,000 from Nigeria, 53,000 from Pakistan, 14,000 from Sri Lanka and 14, 000 from Bangladesh. The Nigerian Government has summoned the British High Commissioner and promises to defend Nigerians.

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This article was first published on 25th June 2013

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