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  Friends are very important people in our lives. The years spent with them does something to bond us together. However, these friends need to leave us and start a family of their own and while this is what we desire for our best friends it also comes with a lot of emotional loss.
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So making a toast at their wedding can be highly emotional. This article would help you with three tips to assist you to give the perfect toast at your best friend’s wedding.
  1. Plan The Speech In Advance

While most people would like to make the speech at the spur of the moment, it is highly advised that writing a speech should be planned weeks or even months ahead. This is so that one can have ample time to write out important points that they might otherwise forget. This helps to put little details into consideration and reduces the time spent on the toast.
  1. Congratulate Both Parties

Always remember to toast to your best friend while recognising the presence of her or his partner. Their partners are people they have chosen to start a family with so, it is important to congratulate them as a couple rather than individuals. After the nuptials are tied, they begin to identify as a single entity and toasting both parties shows that you approve of the union and you give them your full support.
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  1. Be Honest

While you might want to say great things about your friends and so much stuff about the past, it is important for you to talk about their future. Say honest things that you believe their union can accomplish regardless of their shortcomings. Make a joke about the shortcomings but the major focus should be on what they can achieve as a couple. This is a key factor in distinguishing between a random speech and a best friend’s speech because best friends can be honest and no offence would be taken. Use this to your advantage while preparing a speech.
  1. Be Thankful

They are your best friends but you should thank them for the opportunity. Other people desire to also raise a toast doing your best friend’s wedding but they cannot. After the perfect speech, you have just given on behalf of the couple make sure you thank them for the opportunity.
  1. Raise A Toast

As the name implies; Raise a toast to prosperity, to longevity, to happiness, to laughter, and to forever. Cheers. These are just skeletal requirements for giving a toast at your best friend wedding. Feel free to turn it up and add in whatever you desire to customise it to your style. To enable you to move forward as an individual, always keep in mind that they are now a couple and you have the chance of being a past phase of your best friend or the best friend to the couple, your choice. Featured Image Source: Wedding Planning
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This article was first published on 24th August 2021


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